RP realms and cross server groups

War Mode and World PvP
So for base sharding RP realms only cross with other RP realms in Warmode, however nothing stops non-RP realm players from going up in raid parties on RP realms. End the ability for non-RP realm players to join groups on RP realms while Warmode is active.
No. Us folks on RP servers should be able to bring friends into groups to help us out in war mode irrespective of what type of server they're on.

If they want to get rid of CRZ entirely so I don't see other RP servers either, that would be fine, but if we're going to be able to group with people on other servers, we should be able to group with our friends from whatever servers we want. Other RP servers aren't any better than Normal servers.
I would love them to do away with CRZs - worst development in the game. I've hated it and complained about since it started.

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