Love WPvP - The Dark Lady Needs You

War Mode and World PvP
Are you horde through and through? Do you play this game primarily for World PvP?

Looking for select Horde members to join a private community who WPvPs all the time and can't get enough.

Yes, there are other Horde WPvP Communities out there - we will support them, but also do World PvP on our own. We aim to help each other and build a close Horde team, rather than occasional WPvPers.

We are looking to fill slots for each class/spec.

Do you have what it takes? You don't have to be the best at PvP - we look for smart players though.

What we are looking for :
    •Follows raid lead
    •Smart Players
    •Max Level - decent gear
    •Able to travel - don't expect summons 100% of time
    •Able to adjust strategy
    •Works in group
    •Leave no active Horde behind
    •Help us recruit peers in your class/spec

What we are NOT looking for:
    •Impatient players
    •Bullheaded - "I'm the hero types"
    •Constantly AFK in battle
    •"Let's Kill the King - sorry not PvE"
    •Never wanting to help out group
    •Immediately quit after wipes
    •Popping Lust before called for...
    •/train ... enough said

If you are interested, send a private message to "Recruiter" in Discord

We'll get in touch and chat. Why secretive? If you have been WPvP in BfA, you probably know why. We are actually pretty chill once you get to know us. :)
Discord? Why not make a warcraft community instead. You can have a list of people to draw from in game without the discord

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