[A] <Mogs and Logs> Open Raid!

<Mogs and Logs> is hosting an open server 8/8 heroic uldir run!

Time: 8:30 PM EST Thursday November 8th

Goal: We are looking for exceptional players on dalaran to clear heroic with as we build our new guild and perhaps find some new recruits most players are 4/8M! All players welcome we have about 10 available spots for 25 man exceptional players (prog ilvl logs etc) take priority. Bring your best mogs and make even better logs (:.

Contact Information:
Mail deathlobsta in game or:
Deathlobsta: RealID - Deathlobsta#1397 Discord - Deathlobsta#5053
Shotski: RealID - Easybake#1369 Discord - Shotskie#3524

Recruitment post: If you have interest in joining the guild please refer to our recruitment forum here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769678709

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