Last thing you will do on WoW

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Log out. Wait a week, log back in. Try to figure out something fun to do. Cycle through some alts. Can't find anything fun. Log out.

Wait 6 weeks. Log on. Cycle through 5 alts trying to think of something fun to do. Can't find anything fun. Log out.

Eventually give up hope that the game will improve and stop logging on. Whoever compared it to picking up your child for the last time nailed it. It's just a slow fade.
Go on a tirade calling Blizzard every name in the book both in game and on the forums making sure my account gets perma banned ensuring there is no way to return.
I spend a night in the Goldshire Tavern on Moon Guard and let the STD DOTs slowly lull me to eternal sleep.
Since im stalled at 7/8 in H Uldir i decided to work on my 19 vanilla twink hunter. Used my main to kill some Rares for some BoEs in the Barrens and realized my 19 cant even use them because they are scaled up to 60. RIP second attempt at fun.
I will go to a particular mailbox, outside the Chapel of Light by an armor shop, and kneel in remembrance of my first true main (she was deleted there) and log out one last time. All of my important characters meet their demise at "Deliliah's mailbox."
Roam around major cities in HM Druid moose form with bby moose pet and /moo.

Cancel? Forever? WHAT?
Well, if we're entertaining that ridiculous possibility, then...
-Sell the items on all of my alts and send their gold to my main, then delete them (this is my procedure for deleting characters in general) to release their names.
-Once this character has all the gold from the alts, sell all of its items. Send the remaining gold to someone I know who still plays, or some newcomer.
-Finally, dress this one up in "funeral clothes" and sit it on the top of Skyreach while using the Rukhmar Adherent toy. Imagine that it is now an arakkoa, in lieu of playable arakkoa. "Die" happy.
Do something that will get me suspended, probably won't play for awhile anyways.
Absently open all my bags then close them.

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