Does anyone else still really hate SCALING?

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At 120 / 368, it's still a struggle for me to kill 3-4 120 beasts at the same time.

Then, I run across a level 111 / 242 DH BOT that can kill 8+ of them in less time than it takes me to kill two. It should be the other way around.
Scaling is fine from 1 to 30, bad from level 30 to 60, really bad from 60 to 80, pretty decent from 80 to 110 and tolerable from 110 to 120.
11/08/2018 07:25 PMPosted by Blueorchid
I hate scaling...

I hate forced overworld scaling.

11/08/2018 07:25 PMPosted by Blueorchid
I know at first there were a lot of people that were against it.
Now you dont hear that much about it.

Which one?
Level scaling?
A level 10 and a level 40 attack the same mob. level 10 sees a level 10; level 40 sees a level 40.

Gear scaling?
You are wearing ilvl 380 gear. JK, you are actually wearing ilvl 350 gear.
You are wearing ilvl 320 gear? JK, you too are actually wearing ilvl 350 gear!!!

ilvl based scaling?
You are ilvl 280? Mobs are 0% stronger.
You are ilvl 320? Mobs are now 14% stronger.
Why? Hell if we know...

Stat templates?
What nice gear you have on! Doesn't matter, we give you X stats.
You aren't wearing any gear? Still doesn't matter, we still give you X stats!

BFA PvP scaling? ( WTF does it actually do?)
You have more gear than me, so I hit you harder.
I have less gear than you, so you don't hit me as hard.

This sound about right? IDK whats really going on, refer to figure 1. The thing with the stick dudes. Should clear everything up.
11/08/2018 10:44 PMPosted by Blueorchid
11/08/2018 09:06 PMPosted by Truthspeaker
*raises hand* Not a fan. I prefer the feeling of advancement that comes from out leveling a zone or having the option to level slower with green quests if I want. Even though it means fewer choices for where to level, I like that feeling of linear progression better than what we have now.

Thank you!! I like to feel like I am progressing in my power as I level. When I ding max level I like to feel like I have accomplished something.

I might not hate it as much as I do if there were still some other measurable feeling of progression in place, but it seems like they're all gone. Zone scaling means there's no sense of progression while leveling until you're ready to move to the next expansion's content. At max level, not only can we still not fly; we also don't get any new talents, and there's not even a special zone just for max level characters like there's been in the past.

ilvl scaling means that mobs you were able to take on toe to toe at 119 now hit like a truck, at least until your ilvl catches up to them. New abilities are tied to gear which has a large degree of randomness associated with the method of obtaining it, and the azerite system means that even if you get a higher ilvl piece of gear, which should be a step up in power, you'll have fewer abilities unlocked on it so it feels like a step backwards instead.

I don't know what the answer is, but I know the lack of a sense of character progression across the board is pretty frustrating for me.
I dont mind it while leveling because it cuts down on travel time. But I hate it at max level. If I work hard to get great gear I should be a God in the open world to random mobs. They say the scaling stops at some point but I still feel like things take too long to kill and I never feel like I over power them immensely. When you hit 120 you are essentially neutered compared to how powerful you were leveling. That is broken imo.
Yes, I hate all forms of scaling.
It's not very enjoyable for all your levels to be meaningless until the last one. Combine that with how handheld leveling is all around, from class growth to the quests themselves, and you've got the epitome of bottom-feeder gameplay.

A core to RPG gameplay is outleveling and overpowering things that were once deadly, as well as worrying about things that are higher than your level. What probably would've been better is a level squish than scaling. That way each individual level matters a lot more, and the gear you get along the way is more important.

Unfortunately, there's no feasible way I could see that being done. An idea I once had was that what if expansions stopped adding levels, and just kept adding content for pre-existing levels. Instead of endless upward scaling necessitating stat squishes, have new end game content be more or less equivalent than existing end game content in terms of reward, but with more unique items.

This would also necessitate classes being redesigned in a way that they break free from the "throughput is all that matters" paradigm.

Basically, imagine something like vanilla WoW, but with the expansions instead being additional content for levels 1-60 rather than 60-70, 70-80, etc etc. The world would've been much bigger with many more adventures to take, and so many reward options to pursue/ways to build your character that the replay value would be close to infinite. New lower level zones as alternatives to the old ones for many different leveling routes, new end game content with different gear that does different things for your character, and different ways to build your character depending on what you were doing/what you had/what you were after.
If there was a story to follow in a 'starter' zone that led to the next zone and so on...
Here's the thing it makes no sense for a boars at a higher lvl to be 10 times stronger than the boars at a lower lvl. A boar is a boar.
scaling just makes more sense.
Not just scaling. I seriously hate 90% of the stuff that's in the game now.

"Why don't you just q-"

I did. 14 days left.
If it was done correctly, I would be okay with it. ESO and one tamriel is a good example.

Wow should have all content in the entire game scale as you level. However, it should immediately stop when you hit max level, so that any gear improvement makes you more powerful.

Wows bizzare system of scaling some content to lvl 60 and then having BFA content scale with gear as well at 120 dumb.
Scaling is the most anti-RPG and power progression killing "feature" to ever be put into wow.
I don't mind zone scaling to player level, especially in older zones so that now you can do a whole zone without everything turning grey.

However, ILvL scaling needs to take a flying leap and gtfo. Feels bad to get new gear and not feel more powerful.

Apparently it starts to feel better at 350 or something. 60 ILvLs after maxing to start to feel more power..... ridiculous imo.
It's not as good as GW2 scaling, which let's you out level things by a bit. If you go into a level 10 area as a level 80, you will be scaled down to 12 or 13. Its also not as bad as ESO's scaling. When you gain a level, you lose stats. The way their scaling works is keeping you the same at 50 as you are at level 1. If you go from 30 to 31, your health, magicka, and stamina all drop, along with all other stats, and it goes that way from 1-50, then from champion level 1-160. I would prefer mobs get more difficult as opposed to my character getting weaker.
I don’t know what the Hell game you people are playing; this dude is way stronger at 350 than he was as a fresh 120.

I don’t particulalrly enjoy trivial content, so scaling is a pretty good concept for me.
11/09/2018 03:48 AMPosted by Kahless
I don’t know what the Hell game you people are playing; this dude is way stronger at 350 than he was as a fresh 120.

I don’t particulalrly enjoy trivial content, so scaling is a pretty good concept for me.

There's plenty of content that's not trivial. You haven't even cleared normal Uldir. Go do some challenging content before you complain about the world being trivial.
11/08/2018 08:48 PMPosted by Blueorchid
I liked the fact that the higher lvl you got, the more powerful you became. Things got easier.

You still do, you just are a god compared to mobs now a days just because you out level them by a bit. Even at 320 ilvl I could basically solo any open world content or quest I wanted (outside of world bosses) and now at 370 I could pull entire regions and not break a sweat.

The real issue is the power drop off once you hit 116 but that isn't scaling, it is due the Legion era legendary items are disabled. They provided a freaking ton of power and having them turned off was a huge power lose that most of us are unaccustomed to feeling.
I don't mind it in theory, I like zones remaining viable. But I do think they need to work on it quite a bit. You should still be able to feel some sense of progression as you level through a zone, not as much as before, but the feeling of never getting any stronger is just annoying and makes the game less fun than it could be.
11/08/2018 07:25 PMPosted by Blueorchid
I hate scaling...
I know at first there were a lot of people that were against it.
Now you dont hear that much about it. I cant stand it, and it
has really soured me on the game.

Anyone else still struggling to accept it?

** I want to add a bit more to this**

With the scaling I just feel like I am getting no where. The way it was the more you lvl'd.. the more you lvl'd your gear.. the stronger and more invincible you felt.. the faster you could clear felt like you were accomplishing something. Now everything feels grindy to me because it is lacking that kick butt factor that USED to come with lvl'ing and gearing up.

I guess its just not fun anymore. :(

Yep. The idea of "Character progression" is dead..thanks to Ion and his bumbling group of fools.
never hated - never will . it doesnt go far enough , all zones should scale to max level and continue to scale with your ilvl

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