Your first Epic in Vanilla?

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Remember getting some nice gloves for my Warrior in vanilla as DKP reward in MC.
Flameguard gauntlets I think they were?
Boots of Avoidance............Lost the this day that is my only BOE epic that I saw drop out in the world...even on LIVE wow its still my first. Dropped in ZF.
lifestone i think was its name
Krol blade. I bought the first epic mount of anyone I knew with the proceeds from that.
Sul'thraze the Lasher It was a weapon you could got in Zul'Farrak, you needed join two rares.

I ran the dungeon a lot of times on PUGs trying to get the two pieces, the first one I got it in nearly 3 days but the second one I don't remember how many days I tried to obtain it, in 2 times I lost the loot, until one night I got the last piece, I cried when I got that thing.

it was an epic moment... I miss that sword.
If I remember right, I got a Staff of Jordan during a Scarlet Mon run. I recently found a screenshot after the run and I remember having that staff for a long time.

I leveled from like 40 to about 55 completely with dungeon runs as a holy priest so it was really nice. :)
I found an Eye of Flame killing the banshees at the frozen flake in Winterspring. It was before I went into Molten Core with my guild and so I had no idea how good it was for a caster as a fire resist item. I sold it on the auction house for a song and later on kicked myself for being an idiot.
Kang the decapitator on my ret-tard. I used that !@#$ til 60.
Staff of Jordan off a Naga.

Pretty sure it was in Feralas on a little island where they were, though it's been over 12 years since so I could be a few zones off.
Firey war axe from something in STV my hunter wore it well!
dwarven hand cannon from the nerubians in the tunnel between EPL and WPL.
Second was the BoE leather hands while doing scralet monastry live side.
3rd was stockade pauldrons after i got dismounted while farming thorium in ungoro.
Skull flame shield on my shaman. I should of sold it but at the age of 14 I though it was the coolest thing I ever seen so I equipped it.
Mine was virtuous gloves don't remember where I got them.
Someone was gracious enough to sell me a Kang the Decapitator for nearly every penny I had (around 110g) back when I was level 40ish, so I got to equip a BoE Epic the second I could, at level 44.
Mine was a krol blade from a furbolg in winterspring. the camp closest to the tunnel where you enter the zone. I'll never forget that one.
I will never forget!

It was a Bloodrazor dropped from one of those incredibly annoying stealthed wolves in the hinterlands.

I was playing my Sword Rogue so I had a long think about if I should equip it or not. I already had a Thrash Blade so I decided to sell it. It went a long way toward getting my epic mount when I dinged 60.
Probably the boe epic tier items you could get off AH -_-
My first was one of the first welfare epics xD.... the lobotomizer xD on my rogue

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