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Actual WINGS! I would <3 that, angel feathers or demon wings would be awesome on many of the character models!!! -Tosses money at the screen- XD just sayin!
That was a fun part of Aion. The wings were really fun. For now, I have my goblin glider cape and my wolf hawk with disengage. Give me a mountain and I can cover some serious distance.
I have wings and fly all the time outside of KT and Zand..
Yeah I like both those, just kinda agree loved the wings in Aion. So hoping this may help them make some here, and hey have to admit they could take it a lot further then that....flame, bone, fel tainted etc....
@Eldryce but we can't all be druids, and 100% awesome with free birdy froms :3
They have wings in EQ2 and it's great.

I think Blizzard could have some fun with this sort of concept.
11/10/2018 11:03 AMPosted by Raijinfury
@Eldryce but we can't all be druids, and 100% awesome with free birdy froms :3

ACTUALLY we all can be druids. We actually have all the specs and roles too. ;P
As a priest I feel I must defend our right to wings here over other classes.

Except druids. Druids can have wings. Also paladins can have those light-aura whatever ones.. and *sigh* yes demon hunters can have the batwings... okay and warlocks the fel wings... but -other than that-, wings are a priest thing.
@Eldryce shhhhhh -hand over muzzle- You are ruining my sales pitch here XD
@Snowfox....You WINGEST!!! that is so unfair! I say wings for all!!!! How can you be so stingy...we all need a lift here or there, and the red bull is just not cutting it LOL

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