So you got kicked

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From that dungeon, raid, island expedition, and you know exactly why.

So tell us
I got kicked for being too awesome. I make everyone around me look bad by comparison.
I once got kicked because hunters "spew crows everywhere they go" and they didn't want to get bird poop in the dungeon.

If I could get rid of them, I would.
Back in the day I got kicked from a karazhan pug for having 2000 +Healing

Sorry, they wanted someone with 1500 +Healing at least.
Barrage. Just barrage.
I didn't know the healer has to keep the Ox statue alive the first time I joined a 2x4 farm group :'(
On an island expedition, I got kicked for stealthing into caves to loot chests. It put us in the lead. Oh well.
Last time I remember getting kicked was for drunkenly pulling half the dungeon in a Legion pug.

Though in my defense we didn’t wipe and got it all down.
I got kicked for getting hit by that purple wave on H Mythrax.
Got tired of an SPriest pulling ahead of me, and after asking nicely to let me pull (and him not complying), I picked up as many mobs as I could in the next area and gorefiend grasped everything onto him

...didn’t realize I was the only one not in the guild
i helped make the current lfg system! when they tryed to kick me for trolling a dungeon my friend would say they're trying to kick i made him leader...then got invited back, and this would go on back and forth until it was just me and my friend laughing in tears....JOCKIN talk about scumbag AMIRITE?!?!?
Back during SoO, I remember being in a pug that was on Paragons of the Klaxxi. Our other tank decided to taunt the wrong Paragon, Skeer aggroed onto me and yanked me halfway across the room, and nobody was prepared. I missed my defensive, adds spawned, we wiped. The tank that was the problem got to stay.

I hope they had good luck getting through Paragons, because when you have a tank that taunts the wrong boss...their wipefest wasn't my problem anymore.
Had some tank get all aggro cuz I ran ahead (did not pull. I waited patiently hoping he would hurry). He started talking a load and tried to kick me. The healer backed me up and right before we finished we kicked him for not shutting his mouth
My lock just got kicked from sethrallis before the first boss. 2nd in dps. No reason given, so I suspect I grouped with a bunch of pricks. I love a 30 min debuff added to the 30 min average waiting time for DPS.
I’ve only got kicked once and that was because I didn’t get the drop I wanted

So I didn’t get it, no big deal, I was willing to stick it out anyway because leaving would be a *#@*@!@% thing to do. And then the healer left, and we get this new guy who says “bigger pulls”

So me already wanting to leave, showed him bigger pulls and him and the dps couldn’t handle it

Got the kick for being lvl 15 in lfg... Yeah for that
11/11/2018 11:46 AMPosted by Mergo
Barrage. Just barrage.

Accidentally pulling some trash I didn't see with barrage.

The tank had to AFK and I went bear form and /moon'd him.

He kicked me.

Worth it, honestly.
For telling the Blood DK tank spamming his Blood Boil and Space Bar to takes his Ritalin
i was on my human alliance pally just logged in for the first time in a while.

i was 110 wearing heirloom 100 shield and 1 hander and qued tank and forgot to put taunt on my bars.

It was headless horseman run.

I was frantically looking for taunt in spellbook because my weapon was too low to keep threat and it looked like i was afk.

the healer was just like, 'i like the afk pally'.

and they kicked me mid fight.

i deserved it. i wasn't prepared.

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