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I being kicked a few times for DC, I deserve that. The only time I got kicked for shenanigans, I was healing ZG dungeon, last boss, The druid tank was getting out of the protector bubble before the aoe finished, so he died several times. I got kicked for "not healing". I'm sure they had the same trouble with any other healer. I use an addon in pugs after that, called "fatality" that tell you why you die, so if you stand on !@#$ and die is not because you aren't getting heals. Never had that problem again.
I was kicked from heroic zul cause I asked if the leader liked pickles to many times.....
I got kicked for being a Fire mage. I know that it's not considered the best atm but it's still my fav spec. It took me some work to get it where it is and I pull decent dps 12-13k in Uldir but it's got a bad name I know. I just like how versatile it is with AoE and single target not to mention it's a lot more fun to play. Arcane is just so mind numbing boring. Frost is eh not bad.
I was trying to holy paladin heal and failed quite spectacularly. They gave me plenty of chances too... I just couldn't manage it for some strange reason.

I haven't pally healed since...
My first Island Expedition.
I joined the queue, ran over and hopped on a ferry to another party of Kul Tiras and the queue popped.

I couldn't join the damn group.

Some kind of ferry bug prevented me from joining and I couldn't quit the group either.

I asked the group to kick me.
11/11/2018 11:43 AMPosted by Vindicative
From that dungeon, raid, island expedition, and you know exactly why.

So tell us

Heroic dungeon on WoD: I usually queued as heals for fast Q, but I had set my role to DPS for some reason. Still, I thought I was the healer, and got kicked for low damage:)
I've got kicked because I'm Brazilian
Kicked for having dial-up and taking the time to mark/CC/pull wisely on the first week of TBC. DRUIDS WERE NEW TO TANKING!
11/11/2018 02:15 PMPosted by Daft
When I was new I rolled Need on everything because I didn't want to be Greedy.

LOL I did too, but not for that reason! I rolled "dice" because to me, that meant I was rolling for a chance to win, makes sense right? Thankfully, I was playing with RL friends, the one who got me into the game in the first place finally whispered to me asking why I was rolling Need on everything. I explained I was rolling dice, for a chance... When he finally recovered enough from his laughing fit to be able to type again, he explained that while it did make sense, the dice actually meant I was virtually guaranteed to win the item. I apologized to all of them for weeks & actually refused to roll on anything for a long time, so I could make it up to them.

As far as being kicked... the most recent was during Legion, when the Argus raid was released on LFR. I had no clue it had just been released, I was doing my quests & now I was being sent into a raid. So I queue & get through wings 1 & 2. Queue up for the final wing, get in & we keep wiping on the first boss (I think? the one with the purple crap on the floor that has to be moved in a circle). Now, the guy who has decided that he's going to be the raid lead is basically calling those of us who are dying a bunch of <lowered mental acuity>s because we're not moving in the right direction. IT IS HARD TO MOVE IN THE "RIGHT" DIRECTION WHEN IT'S OPPOSITE TO WHERE YOU ARE TELLING US TO GO! He literally told us, "The tank will move clockwise, so you need to follow" and then the tank moved COUNTER-clockwise. I think he booted half the raid and I was not so upset over it. I went in the next day with a new group, we got that boss down in one try & they were all rather dumbfounded after I told them how my first try at it had gone.

Prior to that was quite a while ago. I was doing a TW in Wrath on my SPriest, 2nd on the DPS meter (after the Druid tank) and well above the other two DPS. I was kicked because "LOL your DPS SUCKS!". It was only afterward that I realized three of them were in the same guild (Tank & the other two DPS). But hey, I guess he could just solo it, right?

What's amazing to me is that, to date, I have never been kicked when on my rogue, despite INNUMERABLE "LOL Sub rogue!" jabs.
I've been kicked just for being from a certain server.
I got kicked once because the tank kept dying... and then I looked at his gear. He was in elemental shaman gear (this was ages ago). He was rather rude when I asked why and said it was my bad heals and not his worthless gear (and there was something about his girlfriend sold his gear something something).

Cookies for all!
I got kicked for going the right way in a dungeon but everyone else wanted to go the wrong way and despite me going the right way alone, I tanked two bosses as a DPS before I got the boot.
I was on my mage back in WotLK and the tank asked for an bio break. I got up from my chair to refresh my drink only to discover that my dog had made a mess of the kitchen. I spent a few minutes cleaning that up only to find my 7 year old son at my keyboard. I don't know what he did, but it was kickable.
I got kicked for not giving loot to another plate in a Guild LFG group.
I tried to kick the worst healer I ever saw in a heroic dungeon, but apparently the other people there were his buddies, so they kicked me instead :(
11/12/2018 06:20 AMPosted by Dastalis
I was on my mage back in WotLK and the tank asked for an bio break. I got up from my chair to refresh my drink only to discover that my dog had made a mess of the kitchen. I spent a few minutes cleaning that up only to find my 7 year old son at my keyboard. I don't know what he did, but it was kickable.

Had my 3 year old daughter pull Zul while we were on a 5 minute break too lol guild just laughed and said “get her a healer toon for herself”
The one time I really remember being kicked was back in wrath.
I was still rather new but I had done the spider heroic several times before. We had this Tauren druid healer who was constantly insulting me over the fact I was a blood elf Hunter and was refusing to heal me.
Ended up being kicked a bit after the second boss, the mage eventually whispered me apologizing but they didn’t want to have to find another healer.

I can laugh it off now but I was a bit demoralized on dungeon groups after that for awhile.
Just auto attacking garothi in LFR. I needed the wakening essences from one boss for a leggo.

I stood around doing nothing during the first boss in H DHT because my monitor kept turning on and off. By the time it stopped I had been removed.

Back during wotlk I was in H UK and pulled the non elite ghouls as a resto druid and the tank got pissy. I told them to kick me if they didn't like it.
So, this one time I managed to reset Aggramar just after they lusted.

Been kicked from Islands for going solo.
Me and my friend que tank and heals and kick everyone in the dungeon. New people joined? Kick! Reason? N/A.

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