<Top of the Line> 3/8M Wed/thur 9pm-1am Est

<Top of the Line> is a recently formed group of former top 200ish raiders who's goal is to finish each raid tier with CE on a two-day raid schedule wed/thur (9:00-1:00 AM eastern). We feel that eight hours is more than enough for skilled/well-prepared players to efficiently progress through Mythic (though we do raid on Tuesday as well during the first two weeks of a new tier).

We have an exceptionally good core group of raiders and are simply trying find the last few members for the core to round out our team. We have a ton of fun and there is plenty of banter as well. We are NOT a politically correct guild by any means so if you are easily offended or take things personally, you need not apply. We like to have fun around here!

Our raiders are expected to come reasonably prepared with flasks, proper gear and knowledge of the fights. We expect you to perform, we are however aware that everybody makes mistakes. Its when the same mistakes are made over-and-over that we will consider benching. Its not personal by any means, we simply desire to progress as fast and efficiently as possible. If you're interested but think consistent attendance may be an issue, we likely won't be an ideal fit for you as well.

We are currently looking for ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS. So if you feel like we would be a good match, feel free to apply no matter your class/spec. However, our top priorities atm are;


-Heals(Any spec)


-Ranged DPS

Additionally, we prefer those who have top-end raiding experience (Mythic/Heroic pre-SoO) but if you have yet to hop into Mythic and feel confident in your ability to perform, do not hesitate to apply.

If we sound like a good match for you, feel free to message me here or contact one of us in game @ Unstawpable#1550, Scooberz#1235 or rsgunner#11999.

Discord info is Unstawpable#4484
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