PvP Affinity Choice

Real quick poll-type question.

For pvp, are you dps (boomy/feral) druids taking guardian or resto affinity?

As a boomy myself, I take guardian. I feel like it helps me more when trained and can pair well with certain trinkets and renewal. But I feel like I read feral takes resto more often. And I misled?

Resto got nerfed and it still requires you to leave form for the big heal which takes 2gcd to continue damage again.

Just asking for input! Thanks in advance.
Depends on if you're talking about Arena / rbgs / wpvp or random bgs. I almost always take resto aff as boomy and feral for wpvp & randoms - but I might go guardian aff for arena / rbg depending on the strategy and since you already have healers that are coordinating.

For e.g.

Boomy is a good flag runner / orb holder. You can go Guardian aff + renewal + celestial guardian and be pretty tanky vs both physical dmg & spells.

I have gone guardian aff/renewal as feral in arena vs certain rushdown comps like tsg. In 2v2 i still go resto aff because the regrowth talent with double dps is a lot of fun.

Depending on who I'm facing I might even do the guardian aff/renewal combo in wpvp so I can live and escape. I can easily heal up and come back to re-open on the enemy or just stay away.
Most of the time its Resto, can't really go wrong with that, makes soloing world content easier and the self sustain in arena helps. Very rarely do I pick guardian affinity as feral, we are already squishy enough and that 5% increase doesn't seem to help me survive any better.
Mostly resto but in 3s sometimes guardian for frenzied regeneration
11/12/2018 06:10 AMPosted by Xvalentina
that 5% increase doesn't seem to help me survive any better.

It only makes a diff when you actually have a dedicated healer. Honestly i'd much rather have a flat 20% dr tied to bear form via guardian aff than anything else. Like arms switching to d-stance but we do less dmg.

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