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1. I post on my main, I'm not scared to speak my mind or give my opinions on my actual WoW identity.
2. I will keep posting what I want to post, and if Blizzard takes me out or burries my voice in order to promote NPCs and echoes of their message so be it. I will just stop using the forums. There's plenty of Discords and Reddits, etc to go to. If my voice is so unimportant I can just play new games as well. No big, not concerned.
Honestly, I'm looking forward to quote notifications. That's something I've been looking forward to for a while. The CSS leaves a lot to be desired... but then, it isn't great here either.
I'm mostly concerned with them removing pages from threads. It's not a problem for shorter threads but navigating the longer ones will become a nightmare. Instead of "I want to quote a post that was on page 5" it'll become "well, I think that post was about 1/3 of the way down, but that was before the last 30 replies so maybe I'll just start at 1/4 of the way down and go from there".
Blizzard cannot silence me! Well they can but I won’t like it!
My biggest concern is pages. Endless scrolling on long thread does not sound appealing.
11/12/2018 05:18 PMPosted by Daltorax
Blizzard cannot silence me! Well they can but I won’t like it!

I found it quite unenjoyable each time. Guess I'll never reach Trust Level 3. Whatever will I do?

: )

edit: And to echo others, I hate the idea of one long scrolling screen for everything. Ew.
We have to earn their trust kind of seems ironic seeing how plenty feel they need to earn our trust because of these last 3 expansions
I am not worried either OP. I do my best to be respectful (which I accomplish about 90% of the time or more).

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