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I was doing an island expedition and came across a worm in the ground which I could target but not attack, called Brunold's Worm. I checked it out on wowhead to see if there was some quest or something about it and it is listed as an NPC with no notes:

There are a bunch of puzzle boxes and other weird things I notice on the islands that I am not sure if they are part of some larger secret or just flavour items to have in the background.

Anyone find any other unexplainable things like this?

Also, I noticed in the Feedback: Island Expeditions thread in this forum, there is the following patch note in the second post:

Update Post!

4/19 - These changes will be in the next build:

- New chest type: puzzle. Find levers, pressure plates, etc. needed to open an ancient chest.[/ul]

Anyone ever see these?
Brunold is one of the NPCs that you can rescue or free, he rides off on his worm when released
Ah cool, I never pay attention to the quests when they are completed - always running off to the next silver mob.

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