What weapons to use as a Ele?

What’s the best weapons to use as a elemental shaman?
If you're thinking about current raid content, here are your options:
    Heptavium, Staff of Torturous Knowledge (drops off of G'huun)
    Regurgitated Purifier's Flamestaff (drops off of Fetid Devourer)
    Containment Analysis Baton (Main Hand Weapon - drops off of Zek'voz)
    Tusk of the Reborn Prophet (Main Hand Weapon - drops off of Zul)
    Barricade of Purifying Resolve (Shield - drops off of G'huun)
    Vector Deflector (Shield - drops off of Vectis)

The Dungeon Journal is not listing off hand weapons that aren't shields, but I do believe you can still use them. They are as follows:
    Codex of Imminent Ruin (Off Hand - drops off of Mythrax)
    Uldir Subject Manifest (Off Hand - drops off of MOTHER)

For min/maxing your gear, you'll have to adjust what you equip based on your needs, but I would recommend following a general guideline of haste > versatility > critical strike > mastery.

Good luck!
For pve: what ever combination 1h+Oh or 2h that gives your specific character the best combined stats to match the rest of your gear.

For PVP: any one hand and shield that accomplishes the same. 10% block and the armor is nice.

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