What's the point of tabards anymore?

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11/14/2018 02:13 PMPosted by Softsong
I do wish each player could design their own, personal tabard, as their functionality has sort of thrown away. It could possibly represent your troops at the wartable, or just you as the champion regardless.

The tabard designer used to be, addons excluded, our most content-rich tool for creativity.

Sadly since then Blizzard has kind of gone the opposite direction with things, though I bless them everyday for the wisdom of implementing transmogs.
11/14/2018 01:30 PMPosted by Nesuah
Rep from kill and tabards made it easier to get reps to exalted by doing anything you wanted to do be it world mobs,dungeon mobs,quests,dailies etc. That was too easy and kept players from having to play longer. So they time gated rep by making it harder to get.
Or they changed the required reputation level to exalted, which sort of defeats the purpose of the tabard in the first place.
They made the change because they decided that players running
instances were getting rep too easy compared to other ways to
gain rep such as dailies. They didnt like the, as they called it,
double dipping, that getting rep from instances, and then from dailies.

The point of them is now dress up.
What's the point of tabards anymore?
They haven't even added any further collection achievements since "Thirty Tabards".

They're just a gold sink now.
11/14/2018 01:27 PMPosted by Hugemidget

They are worthless/cosmetic

Those two are not equivalent and they are mutually exclusive.

If it's cosmetic then it has value of being cosmetic.
11/14/2018 01:27 PMPosted by Hugemidget
Side note it's also pretty lame that with legion & BfA only dungeon bosses give rep. I feel like that's just a lost part of the game.

it wasn't lost...it was made to go away.

They said oh....dungeon rep grinders kill every little bit of trash in the place since those say 5 reps add up fast. Which many of us do. I leave nothing living in the mechanar on classic rep grinds. If I could kill the bacteria growing on the corpses for rep too....i would lol.

They want us in dungeon X 20 times. Not 10. See that extra 10 times is "content". Or so I am told.

TBH I bought a couple tabards on exalted. Then said wtf...collectionist OCD needs to go. At the prices offered, I don't need achievements that bad.

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