So, Mythic+'ers, what are you doing this week?

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My guild and I run +10 content on the regular and do so because it's USUALLY ann absolute joy to run through and get some gear with the hope of an upgrade or titanforge.

This week, however... We tried out our first +10 for the week in Underrot and, after encountering the first mob pack after the 1st boss, decided that this week isn't going to be a week we do any mythic pluses. These affixes are pretty bull!@#$ty and (ultimately) only serve to regress players to the point that it's not worth running. Sure, you might be thinking 'Well, if +10 doesn't work then just run a +7' -- but, why would we do that? We don't get gear from +7s... we get usable gear from +10s.

So anyhow... now that my main source of entertainment in the game has been taken out of the picture, I'm left trying to figure out what to do... Mind you, my main joy of WoW is being active in dungeons and raids.

And now I have nothing of entertainment.

Trying to figure out how to solve my boredom.

What about you?
Log off
I only do +7s, but this would be a week to not worry about score or pushing and just go for a clear of as high as you can get in one go for the chest. You can always make it up another week.

As an example, I did a very rough ML run, but still completed it and am done for the week, hoping to make it up later on.
Playing other games. This week is absolute trash tier
Yeah it's very bad, if you do get a +10 expect completion and over an hour. Nowhere near on time.
idk, it was rougher than last week (which had a particularly easy affix combo) but it didn't feel all that that bad to us. We finished our weekly +10 at any rate.
I 100% agree mythic+ is just not fun this week.
I'm going to work on farming for my guild and personal bank. Work towards my class mount. Run some old raids for mogs and hopefully a new mount. Level an alt. Then next week it's an all out grind on mythic +
Whichever idiot decided it was fine to ever pair fortified and teeming needs their head checked
Tried +10 Motherlode yesterday and it was... painful to say the least. Orbs sometimes spawn at slow intervals, sometimes you get like 4-5 orbs spawn in a span of a couple of seconds, and our 380+ dps was having a really rough time cutting through the trash with so many fortified mobs spawning orbs all over the place.
I play FFXIV
Did a +13 WM with guildies...missed the timer by a few minutes. The affix combo really isn't THAT bad...but it also isn't leaving me with the desire to push all that hard either.

Restarted Darksiders II, in any case, since I want to finally beat this with III being right around the corner.
Level my alts. Mount/transmog farm. Anything but M+. got a Tol'Dagor key in my chest. LOLNOPE.
Tried a 10 kings rest earlier...and the long hall way before 3rd boss killed our group..was going fine up till then...It was awful...Atleast I got my 10 WM done for the week..This is not a good week to be pushing keys..I'm at 955 io and trying to hit 1k. Don't know if that will happen this week.
Have you tried pet battles?
My mythic+ group has a choice this week of +11 underrot, motherlode, and shrine, unsure about the other 2.

Motherlode has been our bread and butter but these 3 with fortified teeming...

All look awful.
Underrot+explosive is cancer no matter the week.

The last boss adds spawn explosives...
Not only is teeming/fortified terrible...but teeming means more explosive orbs as well.

Such a bad week not even worth running
Explosive was and still is a terrible affix, it should be removed.
It's not even really that hard of an affix its just feels overly annoying. Would likely find it less annoying if the proc rate on the orbs wasn't so rng (get some pulls with say 5 mobs and not that many orbs, and then others where they just seem to spew out orbs for whatever reason).

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