Best Single Target Healers?

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I'm trying to figure out which healing specs would be ideal for single target tank healing. So far I already know of holy paladin, but I'm not so sure on the others, anyone happen to know?
Well, I'm told Disc Priests are pretty good for that. But I'd also vote for Misweaver Monks. They are alwesome group heals but some very nice single target heals as well.
Holy Priest has a few single target heals, but our forte is probably group healing.
Pali has been the best tank healer forever
5000% mistweaver in its current state. Channeled heals, double up with statue. They can tank sit very well while also putting out great raid heals. Thoroughput is excellent but maybe a little mana hungry.
Mistweaver, which can talent for tank focus or more raid healing.

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