Queue PvP Island Expeditions Please!!!

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids

I have come here a few times ranting about PvP IE's like a lunatic, going on and on about their potential..suggestions..videos(https://youtu.be/NdWBSacApL4).

But I am here today to focus on one thing Can anyone interested in doing PvP IE's please give me a shout @ ojwasguilty#1824? I am creating a community specifally for this purpose. I would love to have a little community that can do PvP IE's to learn how they work..come up with suggestions for devs at blizzard..ect

Please respond here if you are interested or whisper me in game. I am growing this community bit by bit and would LOVE if you could join.
I wish you luck with this.. I wanted to get the expedition leader title but it involves alot of bad experiences since it's tied to pvp and pvp isnt on the best spot right now..

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