When to use Ring of Peace? (Monk heals)

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
My question to all tanks or fellow MWs: When is the best time to use Ring of Peace? (mythic+). 

Which boss/trash mechanics is RoP a must cast? 
In what situations is RoP very helpful? or very unhelpful?

Sometimes I'm not 100% sure if I end up using it too liberally or slightly wrong it could cause more disorganization? I usually err on not using it too much. 

Although I don't use every time, so far I've noticed its benefits:
Interrupt casts by displacement (e.g. bone absorb shields, Underrot)
Interrupt channelling (lightning, King's Rest miniboss; riot aura, ToL Dagor)
Area denial (snake egg healing, ToS)
Area denial for fixated players 
Displace a lone caster into the deathball 
Displace mobs out of range of their totem 
Don't use when mobs stacked nicely under DPS's AoE spot. 

Fellow Monk's know any others?

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