Feral got good or I got lucky

At the end of legion I couldn't kill a fly on my feral , I logged on today to do a BG at level 110 and I was tearing that place up , I went 15-2.
Looks like i'm knocking the dust off that toon and bringing him back
Yes. I'm sure that the strength of a class at 110 translates into max level.
What them claws doo boo
Just wait until you hit the 120 BGs...
Sorry. My knee jerk reaction was to snap at you because how frustrating Feral is at 120 for pvp.
Feral at 110 feels as amazing as it felt at the end of Legion. But around 116 after you have lost a ton of secondary stats and leggos (and I can't recall if artifact wep works until 116 or if it's shut off at 110) and you will feel the difference. This is the only xpac where as I leveled I felt significantly weaker on any class.. this also holds true for every class I've leveled though which is about 4 others so it's not a feral only issue. The feral issue is we feel completely borked at 120 while other classes were compensated in one form or another (for the most part). I personally don't think feral feels as bad in pvp as it does in pve, but I stopped trying to fit the square in the circle slot early in BFA and pretty much only log onto my feral to do WQs these days because it's really all its capable of doing. So the little pvp experience I have on it didn't feel great, but the pve experience was enough to make me spend time on other classes that didn't get "yikes'd" out of every m+ and raid.
Ok wow , thats good to know . I had my hopes up , but Now not so much. Maybe I'll break out my rogue instead
Yah, been 2k on my ferals in multiple seasons ...

But this season
- cant for the life of me get past 1600s in 2s
- only got 1830 in 3s cause I switched to a diff spec

Unlike PvE our dmg in PvP is pretty solid ... of only we could survive long enough to do it.

FPS / FMP / Jungle are pretty much your only options ... and people in those teams would much rather replace you with an !@# rogue.

Sorry to burst your bubble ... but feral sucks this season.
It's pretty much garbage in PvE, too. Big changes coming in 8.1, but those might harm it as much as help it on the PvP side: you can no longer spec Sabertooth and Lunar Inspiration at the same time in the current PTR build.
We are just so squishy. Catch a stun in cat from a DH, Ret, Rog, or War and you're pretty much dead.
Getting a lot of kills in a bg doesn’t mean feral is good. I went 14-0 the other day but I was saving ferocious bite until enemy had almost no health left lol I followed a rogue around let him do his thing than snatch his kill.
10/07/2018 01:32 PMPosted by Happyfriday
Ok wow , thats good to know . I had my hopes up , but Now not so much. Maybe I'll break out my rogue instead

I'm currently playing rogue. Sin feels as close to Feral as I could get. And don't get me wrong I love my feral. But in its current state it's a going to be a solid nope from me. As mentioned above 8.1 is bringing SOME changes. But I'm unsure if it will be enough to actually make Feral viable. I really just think Blizz has no idea what to do with ferals. Our kit is such that it's easy to break, and just as easy to make extremely op if they want to stick with the "ferals = bleed " play style. So personally I think the issue is if they make our bleeds super strong we are going to be op (especially in pvp), but a mouse fart in the other direction and our auto attacks top our dmg.

And I've heard that the talent changes they did to Feral in 8.1 screws us in pvp , on top of I guess our healing got nerfed (and honestly.. it was too strong.. pretty much all hybrid healing is too strong) but we have always been extremely soft outside of AM. So we have warrior syndrome. Warriors are super good at puking dmg, IF they can connect. so their balance has always been mobility. If you give them too much, they will just shred you to pieces, too little and they are about useless. Feral has that same balance I think but replace mobility with survivablity. Too much and we are monsters, too little and we are the go target 24/7
What methods are you guys using to level alts? I can't bear to grind levels again.
I've heard either herbing with rested exp or island exp spam is the best.
10/07/2018 11:18 PMPosted by Leadbelly
What methods are you guys using to level alts? I can't bear to grind levels again.
I've heard either herbing with rested exp or island exp spam is the best.

I park all my characters until they are fully rested, then rotate them depending on my mood.

I just turn on Azeroth autopilot and throw on some netflix and go into zombie mode. About 118 Ill do the outpost quests since they give you 1.5ish levels. If I'm on a dps ill sit in the 40 min dungeon que and take it when it pops just to break up the boredom.

If I'm playing a class with a tank spec I will park him until he is fully rested, spam dungeons until the rested xp is gone, rinse, repeat.

EDIT: Also yes Ill take herbing/mining and pick everything I see for the xp, and at the end of the day I have plenty of mats to make !@#$ with or sell.
Feral is decent.... in BGs... if you pick your fights well... but get a hard stun you had better been 80%+ hp and have that BG pot plus the hp cd trink rdy (seems like when using trink before the pot then the pot does even more healing % wise).

If you dont have the pot and trink rdy you better have nitro boost and hope they dont catch you.

Under 80%?Hope they suck. Under 50%? usually game over unless they RLY suck...
We're fine in pvp. Upcoming changes might actually make us worse. I know my Rip now does like 20% less damage than before at max combo points. Shred got a tiny buff.I still want Sabertooth baseline

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