How to PvP on a DH?

Demon Hunter
Azurite Traits, talents, ext and how to beat each class 1v1. I do fairly well in world pvp, but it'd be nice to know the ins and outs of DH vs people who aren't fairly easy to deal with. I know Burning Soul is critical for PvPing, but what tier 1 trait do I use?
resilience is not a stat anymore, there is no difference in PvE or PvP anymore.
Guides can be found in YouTube and Reddit as well as various wow devoted sites such as icy veins. In terms of 1v1s for each class, these are things you learn while you play class and invest time into practicing. You could also watch same streamers and learn from tournament plays.
First suggestion, bring along a healer - otherwise, yer ded.
I really like battlefield focus. I am currently two stacking them as three stacking does not exist.

My helm has a dagger in the back which is nice too. It also has furious gaze which is good but idk which one I prefer

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