[H] <Alt tab conspiracy> Late night raiding

<Alt tab conspiracy> is a late night casual raiding guild looking for more people to fill our roster so we can progress further in H Uldir. We are currently 8/8N, 5/8H.

  • Raid times
  • Wed 11PM-1:00AM server (EST)
    Thurs 11PM - 12:30AM

  • What we need:
  • Tank
    RDPS with a strong preference for Mage/Warlock
    All exceptional players are encouraged to join us regardless of class/spec

    Feel free to PST me in game, reply here, or add me to BNET Mixee#1118
    Raid is tonight! Come join us!
    Hey I’m just getting started in BFA took a break at the end Legion due to some RL issues. I’m working on my ilvl 318 right now. I have raided at various levels since Wotlk and looking to get back into progression raiding. Let me know if you might have a place for me.
    Hey Píñky! We would LOVE a hunter! And we can absolutely help get you the gear you need to raid with us! Please message me ingame or add me to bnet! Mixee#1118
    Horribly undergeared Warlock checking in, and wondering if you have a place for me. I like the hours you have. I have been playing and raiding on and off since Vanilla, but just recently came back to BFA after taking a loooong break during Legion. Let me know.
    Welcome back Kalantis :D We need a warlock! Come join us! Send me a message in game or add to bnet Mixee#1118 and we will help get you geared!
    Still looking for some spots to be filled. Would love a mage! Also a healer with tank OS
    H Vectis down! Now 4/8H.

    Coming back from a break due to IRL stuff, I have experience in raiding through multiple tiers in the recent years with most roles as well and have no problem grinding out the levels and gear for any class/role you guys need.

    Feel free to message me back on bnet: Priorcity#1834
    Added you to bnet Ambramelin! :)
    We need more bodies!
    Hello! I too am looking for a late night raiding guild. Currently, I live in Germany so this time works out just right for my schedule (5 am local Munich time, lol).
    We can talk more on btag :-)
    Awesome Docmanhatan! Look forward to chatting with ya!

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