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Hello, my name is Teebufall, i main a frost Death knight over on EU. I've mained my Death Knight as frost since Cataclysm. I have always played a 2-Hand playstyle in PvP and rarely did PvE.

I was waiting for 8.1 to see what's going on whit my class. Then the mention of Death Knights getting changes with 8.1 brought some relief - only to hear they are mainly looking into unholy?! Nothing about the frost death knights?!
I get it. Frost does high damage in Mythic. But it is not my fault that blizzard can't balance talents whatsoever.
1 talents (Breath of Sindragosa), a 2 minute cooldown with some upkeep doing 25% of your damage combined with another talent (Frostwyrm) on a 3 minute but just 1 GCD loss doing another 10% of your damage.

Since Legion i've lost my connection to my Death Knight. Blizzard forced a "Class/Spec Fantasy" of being a Fast paced melee being empowered by frost abilities.
In Bfa however what do we even have tha tis fast paced? we do on average 1 ability every 1.7 seconds (42 APM). Where is the fast pace?

Our playstyle was forced to be Cooldown Reliant, Heavy use of pillar of frost with icecap, a lot of resources from Empowered Rune Weapon for Breath of Sindragosa. Main usage of remorseless winter and upkeep with Gathering Storm.

However with the Global Cooldown, and Empower rune weapon giving a total of 4 Runes and 20 RP over 20 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. At certain moments you just don't want to use your cooldowns because you will lose your damage because of that global cooldown.


As i only Play PvP on my DK and mainly RBG. I hate my class. It's not fun seeing 40% of my damage being Frost fever.
I feel i do not do any damage whatsoever. Frost fever ticking on average for 1.8k every 2 seconds. for free (usually frost fever is applied by howling blast which you used because of the rime proc)
But my active abilities, Frost fever or Obliterate, do barely any damage considered to any other class.

Defensive wise, we still have terrible defensives.
Losing mirror ball(Anti-Magic shell Dispell) and Ice in your veins (Icebound Fortitude + Death Strike heal)
Bringing lichborne back as a PvP talent seems good, but the ability seems just downright useless. We are slow enough as it is, reducing our movement speed even further when we need to be able to sit on our target so we can actually try getting Death strikes off is just horrible design. This talent just screams how badly we need a pockethealer to actually do anything where in any other expansions we were able to 1v1 sometimes even 1v2/1v3 people because of our selfhealing and defensives.

The 2 talents i have brought up before - Frostwyrm and Breath of sindragosa - are terrible for PvP. You can't keep up Breath of Sindragosa at all in any PvP setting over 1400mmr.

My guildies don't even want me to bring my Deathknight to our RBGs. I can't find any arena teams because nobody is insane enough to gimp themselves this much by bringing a frost death knight.
On the other hand other guildies have been wanting me to joing their M+ and Heroic Uldir Raids because PvE damage is on the other end of the spectrum.
Play unholy like the real players
10/23/2018 03:41 PMPosted by Burlybanjo
Play unholy like the real players

You're the worst
10/11/2018 09:29 PMPosted by Teebufall

As i only Play PvP on my DK and mainly RBG. I hate my class. It's not fun seeing 40% of my damage being Frost fever.

This is hilarious. :))
I mean, many protested against Clarity of Power since Shadow MUST be DOTer (heaven forbid some other style), yet I see Frost Death Knight that is loaded on hard hits doing most of the damage out of dots.

Such design! Much fantasy!

P.S.: I really want the Warlords of Draenor options for Shadow, meaning the ability to CHOOSE my playstyle.

I dislike how both UH and FDK do damage.

10/23/2018 03:41 PMPosted by Burlybanjo
Play unholy like the real players

Currently the recent changes BLOAT us with PvP talents. The defensive ones, lichborne and the 50% Death strike cost ones are absolute essentials for basic survival as they've done nothing to alleviate the massive 3m CD on IBF.

Our damage is still melee/frost fever with nearly no input from the player. BoS is dead in PvP with no viable alternative. Frost Strike/Obliterate damage is extremely low. Frostwyrm is hitting for 14k on a 3 minute cooldown (Templars verdict critting for 30k)

So we lose out on necessity and exciting choice when forced to take defensive PvP talents while missing out on potentially fun and logical choices such as dark sim or the new stun. Dark sim is a gamechanger, much like having a purge that gives runic power that DK's have before it was SWITCHED to Demon Hunter (As if imprison/baseline aoe stun, mobility and a massive DPS cooldown duration wasn't enough PvP viability.) And have yet to see any meaningful baseline changes aside from the death strike cost buff, which is unholy/frost shared.

I'm not trying to say the sky is falling, but we desperately need baseline functionality and damage changes. I just wish that someone was pushing for this class/spec on the development side. A lot of changes do not reflect coming from anyone who has touched this class in any middle to top competitive environment.

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