[H-RP Cult] Children of Virtue is recruiting!

Wyrmrest Accord
We are in SMC right now looking for neat-o people that want to join up with us!
Preaching the good word, as usual. :]
On Tuesday we did a neat /roll style event to progress our guild story a bit. Here is some of the highlights, and where we are now:

The Children is slowly going through the process of being reformed, members out in the streets of Silvermoon recruiting those they believe could benefit from having the Light in their life, or rather could the Children benefit from them?

Member starved in this early stage, they consider anyone that has a passing interest... Lannier has found two such people, however they are more fel touched than he (or his Children) would like. He devises a plan that at best would allow the budding religious 'group' to accept these new members, and at worst would disfigure them or kill them - in which case he could play it off as the Light didn't deem them fit. And so a simple cleansing ritual is scheduled to take place in their compound.

As the group is newer, and many of the members are as of yet untested, this would also kill two birds with one stone as he can test the mettle of the newer members.

The set up is perfect, the Children all arrive, and the ritual starts. This should be a simple task and over with rather quickly. Unfortunately everything that can go wrong does - manifestations dark intent occupy the mind of the newest member, sending her fleeing into the night. Another member is paralyzed, and yet another is forced to reveal her darkest secrets to be used against her. And finally, the manifestation that they were trying to cleanse blinds Lannier in a gross show of power.

However, all is not lost and one last push send the dark power away, allowing Lannier to save some grace and dignity. He consoles the Children, convincing them that they have done good work that day, the Lights work and that is was still a small victory.

The Children of Virtue live on to continue their crusade against evil.

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