Alright, did you nerf the rewards?

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
10/22/2018 08:12 AMPosted by Paalass
I just did a mythic, 11500 alliance and 11000 horde, guess what?? No event!!!
Thats just dumb, u have a better chance of loot on heroic mode and thats one thing to change.
Horde participation to proc events is also not working for us, the events need to spawn with less azerite on our bar.

i agree with the mythic, it seems to take too long to spawn the event, the group i run with stopped doing mythic for that reason. we run heroic and pretty consistently get the event when were around 8k azerite, it doesnt leave us much wiggle room to grab the event rares though.
I'm going to start keeping track of my runs, as well. Of course you can't prove anything with anecdotal evidence, but I very strongly feel like I was getting more things the first week or so post buff, and then it steeply dropped off soon as people nailed down how to farm.
Even with the farming guide, and this assumed run cap, the drops just don;t come for everyone. My guildmates and I have farmed these so much that in our opinion we should have every achievement by now. The RNG loot drop system needs improvement as players will cap their heart before ever getting one of the pets or mounts. Another BfA treadmill with little to no reward.
I'd love some bad luck protection for island drops, but overall it's important to remember islands are supposed to be lasting a year or two long. The average person probably won't be getting everything within the first 2 months or whatever.

Having nothing drop after 10 or 15 runs feels terrible and I feel like at the very least we should be getting some sort of reward cache at the end of the weekly containing a random pet/transmog/mount per character, especially when people no longer need AP
The buffed island loot that everyone was excited about a few weeks back was reverted once Reddit figured out how the loot tables worked a couple days later.

But don't let that bother you. Islands are one of the most fun and engaging activities in the game, second only to Ragefire Chasm transmog runs.
I downloaded an addon and the amount of runs I've done compared to drops is abysmal. :(
It seems like I start off the week with loot the first day or so, and then it drops off and I get nothing for a while (or until the next Tuesday's reset). The system sucks, and they should add all the mounts and pets to the dubloon vendor so we can just save up to get what we want.
They have a chimpanzee that buffs and nerfs drop rates by pulling different levers. Don't be cruel to it by complaining, he's working very hard and every complaint is one less banana Ion will pay him.
10/26/2018 01:23 PMPosted by Fredas
It seems like I start off the week with loot the first day or so

I had that feeling and I did one on all my alts 13 alts only 3 of them got something aside dubloons.. either rep tokens or a quest..

so to dispel confusion it doesnt really matter.. they reverted the "buffed" drop rate.
Honestly, Once all my toons hit 120, I don't seem to get many drops in Islands. I use to get at least 1 drop every week and half, but now i'm not getting anything. I really think after you hit 120 you don't get much. I'm not seeing the coin bags hardly ever either..just dumb quests that i wont bother with.

Pretty bored in wow atm. The expac is boring after you hit 330 gear ilvl. pretty lame. I knew this would happen because they took out all the depth with professions and there is less depth to this expac. It was more "Superficial"
Islands WERE one of the most fun and engaging activities in the game Now not so much.

If you don't need Xp, and don't get drops nothing to do in there except farm azure for no reason.

There is NO reason to run them anymore. There is NO reason to do professions either. lame. this expac was a piece of Candy wrapper...with nothing on the inside.
seriously thinking bout unsubbing. Friends dont log in anymore either EVERYONE IS BORED in WOW atm..

I have never unsubbed after a expac but after this one im pretty close..don't feel like paying for being bored.
This is WHY this game is over:

- they ruined farming for Tmog gear / lame leave with less to do now on down times -- making old content so hard was lame and a time waste thing so wow can try to get money from people..has nothing to do with mechanics..only larger health pools..
- they ruined Professions - they are so simplistic and no depth and boring no new mounts, no new ideas no new USABLE items TO SELL
- Blizz ruined Islands with nerfing / dont get pvp credit , all of a sudden no drops really, no more coins..just dumb quests i dont care about at all
- Ruined lvling
- took depth out of game with scaling / its super annoying to level now its overly hard in wrong ways no reward..dont get good tmog drops with out boring hard grids...
-the game is BORING now.
-Raids are really annoying..and not rewarding ...esp. the new ones..I mean the large bung hole with teeth in wall is absurd..its like "lets make a raid that has spores, !@#$%^-*!s and annoying tactics?
-Economy was ruined with poorly designed professions and to much grid for old tmogs..
- 1 million dollar mount? just a money drop to drain out large bank accounts so they don't buy unlimited tokens.
10/25/2018 07:37 AMPosted by Brannick
Another BfA treadmill with little to no reward.
I don't really understand why they don't clarify what the loot system is for these. Are they afraid people will stop mining and killing the enemy team? We already have. Is the drop rate the same on all difficulties? We are spamming normal now. Some clarification on the loot system for these would make this a whole lot less frustrating of a grind.

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