Blizzard you FAILED. Worst Class Design in the Game's History. Part II

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10/29/2018 04:42 AMPosted by Metrics
You think you want fun and engaging class design, but you don't.

You think you know what fun and engaging class design is, but you don't.
So much this.

I don't want my class to be a barebones hollow shell of its former self, just so you can put me on a treadmill to grind out abilities or passives that I should have baseline at max level.
Keeping this in front page.
I wish I just had 9 versions of Healing Wave again.

Blizz. Why have you done this? There was no reason for you to change the fact that I had to spend 20% of all of my income on several different "levels" of the same spell.

THAT was dynamic.
THAT was engaging.
10/29/2018 10:23 AMPosted by Mvura
I wish I just had 9 versions of Healing Wave again.

Great argument, but you're going to have to try a little harder for Green Text. Why don't you go defend the new Azerite traits as compelling or something? I'm sure Ion could use a coffee.
10/29/2018 04:48 AMPosted by Dormie
10/29/2018 04:42 AMPosted by Metrics
You think you want fun and engaging class design, but you don't.

You think you know what fun and engaging class design is, but you don't.

You think this is fun and engaging class design, but it isn’t.
Started in Legion and haven't been around long enough to know how classes were back in MoP, but I do agree that most of the specs I've played feel significantly less engaging in BfA than they did in Legion.

There is little to nothing going on with any of them other than minor resource management and prayers for RNG procs. Yeah, its not much different than Legion, but its certainly not better.

Its the one main thing that has me trialing other MMOs - class design and play. Sadly even with being unhappy with class design WoW still has better gameplay, and that will keep me around - since even the best class design is only as good as the pace of the gameplay.

But +1 to the OP from me.
I kinda had a feeling that the classes were lacking or going downhill when they started pruning tank self heals. That's when I started to notice it. I mean, why add them in the first place, only to remove them a few years later? There was a reason you gave tanks the ability to heal a bit in the first place. Look, lets just make the classes fun again. You have previous templates to work from. Allow us to pick the expansion we want. For example, I want to play my druid with the same abilities it had in Mists. I want to play my Unholy Tank DK with the same abilities it had in WoTLK.
Good thread. This is exactly why I haven't logged on my WoW guy in awhile. Really not fun to play, boring, too much RNG in the play.

They might as well just prune it down to 1 button and just have it RNG the whole thing, I'd have the same amount of fun I'd have playing current WoW, which is zero.
You know they've gone too far when you see popular streaming mages all take the same talent (Living Bomb) because it's the only talent that has no chance to randomly mess things up.

They can just not press it and forget about it.

That's an entire talent row that people are choosing the only talent that just doesn't add any rng, and they can basically nullify the entire talent row.
I miss having choices and have control of my character, it's very simple. Now you have one way to play each spec. Disc is just intolerable for me since Legion. Now my shaman is useless and holy paladin is more and more boring. I can't wait to play classic just for the old class building and play a game that doesn't assume I'm too stupid to make decisions.
I miss Arms Mastery being Strikes of Opportunity. Chance to strike the enemy more often? Yes!

Why does my mastery now increase bleed damage? WHY?! I'm not a 'bleeder' I'm a WARRIOR!!!
One thing I've never understood about Blizzard's mentality regarding class design is the removal of fluff spells. Fun little spells that didn't really have any combat impact, but added a nice sense of class uniqueness.

The major problem with BfA class design can be summed up as we legitimately lose a ton of abilities and passives from Legion->BfA.
10/27/2018 12:15 PMPosted by Volchangar
Completely agree, classes are the MOST important part of an mmo. I used to to not be able to decide on a main because all the classes were so fun (which is the most fun?). Now I cannot decide on a main because all the classes are so boring(which is the least boring?).

I have been making posts too to bring back MoP class design.

Agreed 100%
You know, I think people have misconceptions of this movement.

It isn't that people saying to revert to MoP aren't actually wanting to simply play that expansion again, it is the design philosophy of the classes that we wish to return to.

Do not forget, Mists of Pandaria was what came before WoD and after Cata. There are reasons people hold that time period in high regard. To figure out why, simply read the OP and the innumerable others like it all over the forums.
Jebus have you tried playing an arms warrior? It’s a complete snooze fest with at times 7 seconds before you can use another dps ability.
Bump in support.

All the new shiny art, story, cinematics, island expeditions, warfronts, dungeons, raids, or systems will not keep you around when your very character feels like crap to play in an MMO. If your metric is actually "fun", Blizzard, then make your class design fun to play.

P.S. Get rid of Voidform. You ruined spriests.
I miss stance dancing
MoP class design with artifact abilities would be amazing.
@ OP Did You play WoD?, you're like...4 years late on this topic Every class was an embarrassment. At least now it's a little better.

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