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Wyrmrest Accord
You’ve maybe run through her, but the observant would note that a flashy Gilnean had been seen often in various inns in Boralus. Always dipping in, with a gaze that sweeps the room, muzzle uplifted right before a curling of the lips in distaste as she heads over to speak with the barkeep.

She leans in, the brim of her hat almost brushing the ‘keep’s forehead. Those sitting nearby might hear some of that conversation:

“Making the rounds.”
“Loners looking for good work.”
“Robbery at the price you charge for no names.”
“We want shields.”

There’s a Guild Tag on her coat – twin lightning forks over a deep dark. If you went to the Guild Master’s Hall, they’d dig the name up: Deep Forest Caravan.

Then you’d ask yourself, is it time for a change; time for challenge?

DFC is recruiting. I’d like for you all to welcome our very own Betilla as our Officer of Recruitment! <party noises>

We’re seeking two tanks to round our listing to four. Any and all ranged dps. Two healers that can swap to a dps spec as needed.

DFC is an RP guild that incorporates the in-game mechanics, and those out of game resources into our RP. We are ramping up a guild arc in the next few weeks, so now is a good time, RP wise, to join.

We raid Tu/We 7-10pm, Server. Applicants must be able to make both nights.

We are happy to teach, so don’t let your lack of experience stop you. As long as you bring enthusiasm and an open mind to learning, we’re happy to make room and take time with you.

You can see if you can find Betilla in one of the pubs, send an in-game post, or whisper. I’m sure if you were to question the barkeep, he’d give you the information you seek.
Fun Hallow's End event last night! Going on a screenshot scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. Looking forward to having a few more to join our raid.
We had Raid and Mythic+ runs last night! I think M.O.T.H.E.R. is my favorite boss as a healer, but I would like it better with more people!
We are finishing up the week, gathering supplies for tomorrow night! We are going to delve into Uldir once again. Still looking for others to join us!
Bumpity bump bump.

Raid tonight and tomorrow. Should be fun!
I have come to bump this thread for great justice!

Still looking for others to join us on our adventures. Raids coming up this week and we would love to have you.
They are a good group. Solid roleplayers and raiders. If you are looking for a home for both RP and raiding, I highly recommend them.
We 9 manned Fetid last night and while that was fun, it would be more fun with more people!

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