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Is ruining BFA for me more than anything

It feels like the xpansion is missing a huge chunk of that 'collectable' aspect I crave so much

The uldir sets just seem so...generic. I have no urge to farm for them
Azerite was a terrible replacement for tier.

Harder to collect, harder to balance, harder to understand.....nothing good.

It's sole purpose is to extend your playtime and Blizzard's subs + MAU metrics.

It sucks.
Transmog or the way actual gear and stats and sets work? Huge difference.
But guys! Now you don't have to worry about the randomness of tier drops! Isn't it soooooo much better!? - Blizz
10/30/2018 07:04 AMPosted by Siten
Transmog or the way actual gear and stats and sets work? Huge difference.

Both. Blizzdurrrr blames tier sets on balance issues, but it's really just Blizzard's inability to balance. There are plenty of fun bonuses that wouldn't be balance nightmares, and they worked OK in earlier sets, Blizzard is just incapable of balancing anything it seems. Guess what, BIG SURPRISE, Asserite gear is just as big of a balance failure as tier sets, but without any of the excitement, and it's about as dumbed down as you can get.
I will take unbalanced tier sets over azerite gear at this point. That's disheartening to say.

I liked how tier sets changed your gameplay in retrospect. Azerite gear does nothing for me currently as holy other than make my aoe heal larger. It is decently cool for protection paladin though.

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