Mistweaver 1/8M with exp on Mother & Vectis

Mistweaver monk looking for raiding guild - looking for a core spot can pull my weight and accept criticism - currently 8/8H 1/8 M with experience on M Mother & Vectis

Preference to 7pm starts (+10)

Looking for Long term and non toxic ( banter is ok )

Please have a stable roster, joined 3 guilds in 1.5 months all crack when I join

If your looking for a casual style guild, we at the seventh would love a mistweaver, currently were 7/8H 1/8M, we kinda have been avoiding H G'huun for abit.

Our raid nights are friday and monday 9pm svt till 11. And run a alt normal run on wed nights.

If your interested hit up any member online and they can direct you to an officer or core member if they dont know the info.

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