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Hello I'm a mac player and I'm experiencing frequent disconnections (4-10 times an hour) and I don't know why. My PS4 and everything else I've tried on this mac so far have been working fine without any disconnection issue and I'm using a wired connection so I think it's safe to assume that its not a problem with my internet service provider. I have tried troubleshooting steps listed on various other past posts here so I'll detail what I've done here:
- Reset UI
- Tried turning off something in system settings (can't remember what but it was on a page with three other things and it said turning it off may help with disconnection issues.)
- Tried logging out and back into blizzard client.
- Tried logging closing then reopening wow
- Tried turning computer on and off again.
If I could get a fix as soon as possible that'd be great! I'm looking to get into mythic plus and maybe some RBG's so this is obviously a problem with it happening so frequently. If it helps the issue seems to happen much more frequently when I'm in an instance. I've been dc'd only a handful of times while questing while I'd say a majority of instances I join I'm disconnected from at least once. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Mmm me too, but i got a pc..
11/02/2018 01:28 AMPosted by Papaji
Mmm me too, but i got a pc..

Then you want Technical Support.
11/02/2018 12:56 AMPosted by Kneanderthal
Mac forums are here:

That is why I posted in the mac forums so thanks?
Another post has informed me that the likely cause of this problem is the update to osx mojave. I believe that this is something that can hopefully be solved by a hotfix.

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