No locks for kul tiran OR zandalari lmao

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The argument I have heard, that Blizzard will certainly deploy, is that "demoniacs arent warlocks so :P"

Well, for one Blizzard is essentially saying the Demoniacs existing at all is fake news, so fidelity to whatever they strictly were is out the window.

For another, they clearly are similar to warlocks and just have a different power source, again like how Zandalari Druids and Paladins work. Instead of the light and dream it will be through patron loa.

And this gets to the heart of the issue: clearly blizzard is only strictly following the lore to justify what they apparently already decided on. They are fine with changing the lore a bit to give themselves more room (I am fine with that too, to be clear) and are already doing so.

The REAL reason I think they made this decision, in addition to not wanting Zandalari to have too many classes (not a serious concern and can be easily remedied by bumping monks who are far more lore unfriendly and have plenty of races as is) is they cant think of a LOA for Warlocks to serve.

Well the Demoniac ritual, in game, wont be at all different from a loa. You will go somewhere, do some quests to unlock powers, until you fully come into your own as a Zandarli and then go to normal questing. That's how it will work for Loa, the Warlock need not different, just without the need to write dialogue for a primal spirit and instead dialogue for a demon one will be dominating.
I rather think the real reason is serious lack of consistency on lore checking.

And more on a 'conspiracy' ground, a self-imposed need to enforce a class cap on races.

Why? Just so if they ran out of ideas - hey look! NEW RACE/CLASS COMBO! that should be a great patch content. /s
Maybe Vulpera warlocks?! xD
To give a basic post here, Mr. ayelmao guy, honestly I don't get it either. Considering the normal Trolls can be Warlock. Why can't their zandalari brethren do so as well? It's... bizarre quite frankly. A fairly weak reason to why not Warlocks but clear evidence solidified as to why they could and should.

This was the Vanilla Yojimba Island quest giver for the ZG cloth sets.


To be fair, he was casting Shadow Bolts. They could be regarded as Shadow Magic like Shadow Priests. I've seen multiple mobs have both spells in game. Does that mean there should be a Priestlock class? Not really.
Let's not act like their "no connection to fel" statement isn't some half-hearted attempt to cover up the fact that they gave Paladins to Zandalari and then someone said "Oh dang look they can be every non-hero class, no other allied race has this many."

"Oh, let's arbitrarily give the boot to Warlock."

"People are going to be mad..."

"Tell them Zandalari have no connection to fel."

"But what about dwarves, gnomes, worgen? And what about Highmountain Tauren that have a ton of connection to fel but can't be Warlocks? Seems like that has never been used as the basis for class choices? And how did they become monks? There are no monks on Zandalar."

"Eh whatever they'll get over it"
Please post here (unofficial Zandalari warlock discussion):

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