8.1 may be the end

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
11/04/2018 04:14 PMPosted by Ornasse
As someone who has not purchased BFA yet, 8.1 is not enough. I won't come back until the issues that make the game not fun for me are fixed, and that includes class design and alt leveling. Hearing that flight won't be until 8.2 or later means it's going to be a long time before I even consider subbing again.

Edit - Vendors don't mean anything to me, I don't do M+. Make the game actually fun for people other than raiders and M+ addicts.

I haven't bought it either. I'm mostly farming old rare mounts. I see no sign that they're going to do anything to fix my spec, so I'll just keep leveling up characters to farm mounts on for the time being.

My mythic shadow priest boyfriend is about to quit entirely and take an expansion off if they don't change the management crew that seems to be wearing blindfolds.

PvP vendors I could get into. Mythic+, no way. It's a bandaid fix intended to serve a tiny fraction of the playerbase.
I am the prototype of a casual, I guess. Doing heroic dungeons (sometimes low mythic plus), random battlegounds with friends, lfr and normal raiding, levelling professions or an alt.
I don't bother rng or vendors and whatnot.
What bothers me is the lack of interesting class and spec design. And it baffles me, that blizz stays radiosilent on this topic when you see people moaning everywhere. Just a simple "we hear you and we are working on it" would go a long way. Instead they say nothing and accept that people are leaving the game...weird marketing strategy.

I know that the forums represent only a small part of the community, but don't you have to admit, that someting is going wrong, when more than half of the forum consists of threads from people who are displeased with their class/spec? Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that a lot more are dissatisfied who just don't voice their concerns? I for one would assume that, if I worked at blizzard...and it would upset me.

My sub runs 28 days from now and I won’t renew unless my main class got fixed. Now that we know that the raid and the improvements for azerite gear are coming in january '19 (plus the likely time gated war campaign which leads to the raid) and no date for the new allied races, what incentive is there to play?
The biggest problem to me is that most of the (aside from shadow priest changes probably) fixes are just stuff they could hotfix.
[quote="207682607327"]I remember when we used to have a bunch of fun mechanics like Tigers Eye Brew, and neat looking spells like spinning fire blossom.
Off topic from WW, but, I remember when Mistweavers could spam healing orbs at their feat, you couldn't kill them! That was fun...
It's sad that I'd rather be playing WoD, where atleast my class was fun and I could make crazy gold.

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