Please bring back Legion content to app.

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Not all of us immediately ran off to the new expansion. I don't understand why we A.) couldn't keep Legion stuff in the app or B.) just have made a new BFA app and left the Legion Companion App alone as it's own thing. It kept me somewhat interested in the game even when I wasn't at home playing. I kept up with my class hall missions and hiring soldiers while at work or out running errands. It was convenient and I used it quite a lot. Without it my progress in the game slowed down and my amount of time spent playing wow dwindled.

I feel like it was counter productive to just simply remove it. I get that BFA came out and Blizzard wants people to be playing that content, but if there are people willing and wanting to play older content: why not let us make that choice?

Please bring back Legion to the companion app. ( :
I'm hoping I'm not the only one that seeks to have it returned.
For grinding Argussian Reach rep to unlock Void Elves I would really like to see Legion class hall content and world quests in the companion app.

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