Guys who play as female characters? Got a question.

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I have never ran into problems playing female toons, even with the small few that did ask out of curiousity. They just shrugged it off and we continued talking like normal. Hell, even tried to purposely sloot-out 2 of my toons (this one I'm posting on being one of them) expecting to get questioned and it rarely happens. I'd even roam into GS and inquiries were still far and few.

I guess I'm just usually around people who really don't care... or thinks I'm a convincing female.

Like the OP, I mog my toons based on their personality or some other practical reason, and even write it up in their MRP.
Never run into any real problems but then again not on Moonguard and I've rarely ever gone full slutmog for a female character but I rarely feels it fits a female character I've played.
I know lots of guys that play as girls and lots of girls that play as guys. It is never a big deal, ever. They are just characters in a video game.

Maybe you erp, maybe you don't, maybe you just like the way the character looks dressed like that. It's your character dress it how you want.

If you get dumped from a guild a group because someone doesn't like the character you play for whatever reason, you need to find better people.
my original vanilla toon was a male night elf hunter, at the beginning i felt im a guy so i gotta play male toons and this is my first and only MMO ive played so i didnt know any better or even worse.

i quickly regretted my decision. i dont like the snarl he had, i dont like the long pointy ears... everything looked different from behind. You create your toon looking at his front side than once you start you rarely ever see that side again.

next toon i made was a female human. much better.

if im gonna spend hours, days, weeks,months.. even YEARS of my life staring at colored pixels from behind, i want them to be as close to what i like as possible.

so now almost all of my toons are female with the exception of my original vanilla toon.. he is now a Horde Male Orc, just cause he looks badda55.
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How likely is this to be a problem for me in the future?
this is literally only a problem if you yourself go out of your way to make it a problem.
Step 1: Download TRP3/MRP

Step 2: Add notes all over it saying "My character might be flirty, but I do not/will never ERP with anyone"

That solves most of your problems

Although, even if you don't ERP if your character is overtly seductive and sensual as a main aspect of their personality, you can't blame people for: A- being uncomfortable with your character, and B- thinking that this goes the one tiny step forward as it does in a good majority of MoonGuard. I would recommend trying to make a more defined roleplay persona, and not rely simply on your character being sexy non-stop.
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I dunno. I just let people think what they wanna think, no reason to disclose my gender really. I talk ambiguously most of the time, too. I'm pretty sure one of my bnet friends thinks I'm a girl, it's weird but like, I can't be bothered enough to do anything about it.

so you are a dude

yes, I figured I made that much obvious in my post
11/07/2018 05:02 PMPosted by Lucindianna
What happened
Recently I decided to boost this character so I could join my friends in MG for a bit of RP. There is a lot of stigma surrounding guys who play as female characters and I just so happen to be a guy irl who playing a female character alliance side on moon guard for RP purposes. I ran into a problem recently with my horde side raiding guild. When they found out about this character they accused me of being an ERPer. I was shamed in the discord and then booted from the guild. Now this character wasn't created for ERP purposes. The clothing style just fits in with the RP backstory of the character. She uses her seductive looks to distract potential enemies.
My question
Now I want to know from other guys who play as female characters how often you've run into problems when people find out that you are a guy playing a female character. Same goes with people who play on Moonguard; Especially those in skimpy mogs? How likely is this to be a problem for me in the future?

I almost exclusively play female characters. I've never had anyone in game comment on it or make a fuss in any shape or form. The only eyebrows raised at me was from people IRL who think its a little weird. In-game it's almost standard.
the only female race i play is Panda, and almost exclusively.
ive never been mistaken for a girl, or even a guy

idk what servers you guys play on, but it just doesnt happen
no one with a brain on their shoulders really cares
I've had guys try to hit on me a lot, usually they apologize and drop it when I tell them I'm not a girl IRL. It has gotten weird a few times, they get pissed off, but they keep trying to flirt for some reason. I don't know why, I don't wear the skimpy mogs and I never initiate conversations, some guys are just that desperate for attention I guess.
The clothing style just fits in with the RP backstory of the character. She uses her seductive looks to distract potential enemies.

Hows this supposed to work on demon hunters with them being blind and all?
11/07/2018 05:02 PMPosted by Lucindianna
The clothing style just fits in with the RP backstory of the character. She uses her seductive looks to distract potential enemies.

Can we please stop saying this? You do realize you make boys sound like utter morons when you say things like this. Don't you?

When someone is trying to stab you in the face, is there anyone...ANYONE... that would suddenly forget to defend themselves because they saw a woman in a bra?

I Roleplay my characters in my head, no matter what server I'm on. Just my way of entertaining myself. How I have fun. Some of my characters dress. Conservatively, some dress flashy, some don't pay attention to how they dress at all.

None of them are stupid enough to think anyone would be distracted by cleavage. They assume all male antagonist are not eight year old boys that giggle and snicker when they look at boobies.
On th Gripping Hand. The OP s better off without that Guild.

A Guild that will kick you because they think you might some day do ERP is one full of children. If you are not having overtly sexualized conversation in Guild Chat, then who the Grell cares what you do when no one from your Guild is involved?

You are better off without them.
I just wanted to say in response to some earlier comments I made, I was actually joking.
Don't even start ... thinking I'm some kind of sexist a-hole.

Don't be one.

Or, you know, go right ahead for all I care. You do you.

But do it in my guild, and get /gkicked without apology.
I need to make a human named Elliot and be a SUV detective and stop whats happening on Moonguard. Anyone wanna be a Law and Order SUV detective and head to these online brothels and shut them down? Who is with me?
11/10/2018 02:53 AMPosted by Tymberlea
Don't even start ... thinking I'm some kind of sexist a-hole.

Don't be one.

Or, you know, go right ahead for all I care. You do you.

But do it in my guild, and get /gkicked without apology.

Read everything I posted here and take your own conclusions I m not gonna keep feeding a troll who just wants to pick a fight with someone else to feel good about himself.

All you want is an ego massage, to designate someone as a villain taking stuff out of context cause it's clear you didn't even bothered to read everything else I said, including the stuff I said about women SHOULD being able to choose and act however they want and how all sexist crap about women or man having to act a certain way doesn't make any sense.

But you don't care about that, you just want a punching bag so you can feel your life is less of a joke than already is.

Gonna ignore you now like the imature child you are. And if you are the gm of a guild I sincerely feel sorry for your guildmates.
Hey, guess what? I'm a male player that RPs and ERPs as a female character. If the people that I am playing with have a problem with that, then that is their problem, not mine.

If your guild really kicked you because they thought your Alliance alt ERPs, then that guild was not worth being a part of.
Nothing wrong with wanting to play as a female character if you like their animations/transmogs etc. But if you like playing a female character because “dude I don’t want to stare at man butt when I’m playing, I’m too straight for that” then THAT is a hardo move

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