Guys who play as female characters? Got a question.

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I always find it particularly difficult when someone is being uppity about my RP not following their idea of RP. Particularly when they're using non-standard ideas like "Orcs obviously take what they want." (Or "Dwarf ladies are all about it!")

I had one person argue with me about why my dwarf drank ale but not wine. They figured dwarves just like all sorts of booze. I argued that everyone has a preference, and Mordalla simply finds wines too "sweet". Somehow this offended their sensibilities about dwarves, because they decided to start a survey at the bar about whether dwarves drink wine or not. Er... what?

I must say I'm a sucker for a 'tragic' character sometimes. The path to redemption, and the whole tortured soul bit can really be a delicious thing to play out. I have to hold myself from it too much, though, or all my characters end up that way over time!

Yeah have to admit most of my characters have some tragic background, but they don't mope or brood about it constantly but they are usually a way to explain why they act the way they act or what drives them.

I have to admit I saw a lot of crazy people trying to be "rp police" on me, like saying I'm being "anti rp" cause my goblin refused an obviously crazy deal, cause if there's gold goblins are obligated to accept right?

Like, no, they would never have build Kezan if they didn't know how to back down from bad deals.

There was this one saying my orc SHOULD just "take her" cause...orcs. Like she probably didn't even read about orcs on WoW.

And I don't doubt some Goblin Slayer fan would propose the same thing to my goblins >.>"
I’m a woman. I love this guy. He is my character whom I have brought to life. A canon of his own, family, friends, ambitions, etc.

There’s the RP side, and there’s also the fact I wanted a male character to mog since I was getting bored of all my female ones.

Assuming anything about the person behind the screen based off your game toon is ridiculous. WoW is an RPG.
A significant number of my characters are female. Mostly bc of aesthetics, what I find amusing or think looks cool. I just assume all player characters are played by guys until I hear them in voice chat.
Some boys play with barbies. Some play with army men.

Some girls play with barbies. Some play with army men.
Play your MG toon while appearing offline on bnet?

Simple fix.
11/07/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Menard
I just assume everyone in this game is a Wookie on the other side of the screen.

This would explain a lot of communication issues I’ve had.
11/07/2018 05:02 PMPosted by Lucindianna
I ran into a problem recently with my horde side raiding guild. When they found out about this character they accused me of being an ERPer. I was shamed in the discord and then booted from the guild.

Provided this is true, your guild that booted you are insecure schmucks and you're better off without. I'm a GM, I RP, and I enjoy WoW's lore and storytelling. I wouldn't ever dream of booting someone from my guild because of actions they take on another server. That's none of my business.

11/07/2018 05:02 PMPosted by Lucindianna
Now I want to know from other guys who play as female characters how often you've run into problems when people find out that you are a guy playing a female character. Same goes with people who play on Moonguard; Especially those in skimpy mogs? How likely is this to be a problem for me in the future?

I don't run into issues. I RP on MG on both males and females, and I've never had a problem. I wouldn't put much stock in it.
I have a mix of male and female toons, but my mains have always generally been male. My first female character I created was as a result of me coming back to WoW to create and level a Deathknight. At the time, I wanted something different to hold my interest, so I created a female DK. Had a blast leveling her through the story line and up to level 85... now she is my bank alt.

The only mildly negative response I ever had was from my wife and children, who were like, "um, Dad/Hon, why do you have a female character?" I was like, "I don't know, just wanted something different." They accepted that and we all moved on.

Although my wife still gives me a hard time if I am on WoW or any game and playing a female character (I have to assure her that she is still the only one for me). LOL :)
Many of my newer alts are females, but I'm obviously male. I haven't run into that problem at all, but my main is a male so any actual non-LFR raiding I would do would be on him.
I'm a girl and while I only play female characters to resemble myself. I find it that everyone should be able to play or RP whatever you wanna be. As long as its for the game, if you actually do it to catfish people which will result in someones feelings getting hurt I find it wrong.
This probably won't be read 9 pages in, but I will publicly display my shame.

OP, I play girls on MG and I (used to) ERP all the time. Not so much now with less time to play wow. But I was super into it, and eventually my guild found out. They found out I was a hoe who charged thousands of gold and bought every single profession mount with Goldshire gold.

And you know what? They didn't kick me. They think it's awesome. I am a meme in my guild. Whenever a MG pug joins the group they are like "Lag, do you know that guy/girl? ;)"

Find a guild who accepts you.
Why on earth worry? In my guild practically all the guys have at least one female toon that they play. We even have a few women who have at least one male character so I don't see why your guild got upset.

It really should not matter, just find another guild of mature adults to join. Idiocy like you describe is really stupid.
I wanted to try a DH. Blood Elves are the manbuns of the Horde. I felt like I didn't have a choice other than to make mine female.
I could care less what someone plays or how they play. Their sub, their choices. To be quite honest, the idea of males playing females has been in the game for sooooo long now, I don't ever even see it come up as a topic anymore (except on GD). I have a couple of female alts.

The only thing I find sliiiiiiightly odd is when someone only makes female characters. Every single alt is a female BE or NE. I don't care enough for it to make a difference. I just wonder "Why?"

And sorry, I don't buy the whole "I don't want to stare at a guys !@# for hours" thing. I don't ever stare at my character's $%^ - like it never even crosses my mind. And it must be tough to play Zelda or Mario or any other thousands of games if staring at a man bothers you that much.
i think some forget this is fantasy, go do whatever you want and find a better guild. sad is all i can say if it really happened. i do anything and everything this game has to offer and have tons of fun. ain't no guild telling me what i can and can't do.

and to the person above me just cause it don't bug you doesn't mean it don't others. i'm a girl play male and female and ya i do kind of get tired of playing a female and staring at it, sure many others feel the same.
11/07/2018 05:05 PMPosted by Awby
The clothing style just fits in with the RP backstory of the character. She uses her seductive looks to distract potential enemies.

I'm not sure I believe that you aren't an ERPer

Dear ERPenthouse,

I never thought this would happen to me, but...
I've played as male and female chars, I don't think anyone really cares and i've never run into any problems.
Only few race male look normal. Beside, female appearance also not good when comparing to other MMO. World MMO is now full of eye candy character and body fitted nice armor. So there is nothing appealing as a s ex object in the man's eye when using a Warcraft female character. It is just less eyesore for using a male character.
Your mog has given me A-cup angst.
11/08/2018 06:07 AMPosted by Naria
Only few race male look normal. Beside, female appearance also not good when comparing to other MMO. World MMO is now full of eye candy character and body fitted nice armor. So there is nothing appealing as a s ex object in the man's eye when using a Warcraft female character. It is just less eyesore for using a male character.

Some guys aren't aiming for sexiness though. Sometimes one prefers to look more fierce or likes certain qualities in male characters more. Take this mog I am using for example. If I used this same mog on a female character, it would look worlds worse. Maybe sexier in ways, but the point of a mog like this is to look fierce and menacing.

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