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I dreamed I was in 5 random BGs that alliance won in a row... just kidding, that's absurd even for a dream.

I had a weird dream, once, that I was back in Vanilla. I knew all about the present, and kept trying to use 'modern' abilities, or change talents the way we do now, but I couldn't understand the old system relative to the new system.

It was like I had the two systems there, in my mind, but I couldn't bridge the gap from "What I know" to "What I see" and it all fell apart, leaving me unable to play my role correctly.
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I once had a dream I was Azeroth and decided to stretch my arms and legs a bit after a long rest only to hear the sounds of a million screams and also had to peel off those pesky old god ticks.

You need a break from the forums, I see you on almost every post lol
For a while there I scoured many servers looking for a Zulian Tiger on the BMAH. One day I found one. The Zulain auction expired th following day. The night I found it I had a nightmare that for some reason my highschool social studies teacher outbid me! I was so pissed! He just kept taunting me over chat, I couldn’t believe he was even on WoW. I lost the auction I spent months looking for.

First thing I did when I woke up was check the auction. It was still there and I won it. Hahah first and only dream I’ve had about a video game
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Dream there was big deal happen: Anduin Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner where getting marred and there was trailer for the event as well few crazy Stuff like orger and murloc are playable, Man eating pizza before bed make you dream weirdest stuff

You had a prophetic dream. You have a gift, friend.
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Lay off of the drugs people...

Well a rolled up Felweed with Winterbite is pretty good when you're blazing it in Stranglethorn Valley or Stormsong Valley.
I took Jaina for a ride on my meat wagon under the Eastern Plaguelands stars.
Literally had a dream there was a quest to get Mekkatorque Underoos after I made the Underoos 3D model for a joke thread, and for some weird reason the quest giver was the Chimney Sweep in Boralus. It turned out his first job when he was a little kid was cleaning the ductwork in Gnomeragan and he had left his favorite teddy bear in one of the ducts but didn't know which one. So you had to go to Gnomeragan and crawl through all these ducts (or just walk through them if you were a gnome) looking for a teddy bear in a maze of ducts.

When you finally find the teddy bear he's a really gruff looking teddy bear with a missing ear and a sewn on eye patch that kinda looks like the map of the Eastern Kingdoms (see how the top looks like a teddy bear head).

Anyway, you get back to Boralus and he's so grateful for the return of his bear that he gives you his second most cherished childhood treasure. His Mekkatorque Underoos.
Few years back, I had a dream where I was my human hunter toon and after dying, I went to hell. I told my dad the next morning thinking it was so funny, but needless to say he insisted on us going back to church again.
I've never had a WoW dream. Or any video game dream. They sound fun though.

I frequently have nightmares about past jobs though...

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