Instead of a new class, what about a new Spec?

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11/08/2018 07:01 AMPosted by Xkeyon
Tanking Shamans, Warder or something along that title "Earth Warder"

I'd like a shaman tank spec for sure!

11/08/2018 08:29 AMPosted by Jelli
I would love a tank spec. you could almost viably tank as enh back in vanilla/bc. but I want a fourth spec like druids have so we can be truly hybrid.

This would be awesome. Bring back old parts of the Enhancement tree like Shamanistic Rage and Stoneclaw Totem to the tank spec.
I have been thinking I'd actually like a Ranged spec for Paladins. Something like a Holy Archer that had some light-shining arrows or some visual effect along those lines. Or even a range/melee hybrid where that Holy archer has a sword on his back also ... lots of other ideas that can be explored for other classes I think.

The game needs new, different things.
New DK spec: Nightman

New Pally spec: Dayman
11/08/2018 07:58 AMPosted by Syward

Druid – n/a

Really? How about the OLD Feral from Cata returns. Combine Bear and Cat into 1 spec as originally designed instead of split into the identity challenged specs they are now.

I'd rather have the ORIGINAL Feral from TBC/Wrath, but... The talent tree sizes are not compatible where the Cata one is.
I'd like an Infernal-based Tank spec.
No what we want is more choice within our specialization to carve out a unique playstyle. Right now its basically pick your brand of yogurt like chobani is the class then pick between vanilla, strawberry and chocolate for the spec.
I think for DK's and paladins you could have something like mounted combat for a 4th DPS spec for both. Pally's get on their charger and have a mix of some ret abilities with some based on their charger. For example they could have a charge that results in a stun along with something where they focus the light through their charger and shoot a beam of light or something (I'm just spatting off cool ideas alright?) Charger would do basic auto-attack while you aren't on it so you would always benefit greatly by staying on. It could be like a jouster/mounted knight fantasy type of thing that does NOT do the same sort of thing as argent tournament.

DK's could have something similar that could be like the attumen the huntsman fight in Kara. They could freely jump on and off their deathcharger and when they're off the charger acts as a damage pet that can be controlled. Charger can have a charge attack that will run straight through any amount of targets in and stop after a 20 meter range, stunning everything it runs through. This ability can also be used while you're on or not on your mount, however, it has a charge time mush like the attumen fight allowing people to have a chance to avoid it altogether in PVP. It could be like a DK version of an arms warrior on a deathcharger i.e. with a pet and more intricacy.

For balance both will move at reg speed running speed in combat but will be able to go to regular mount speed out of combat or with a button on a 30 second cooldown to solve their slow move speed problem. The mounts can be resummoned in combat however they will move at run speed when this is done. Dazing knocks you off of your mount instead of making it poof away.
Shaman tanks would be awesome, and having 4 specs for druid kind of opens up the option.
11/08/2018 08:41 AMPosted by Nuisense
Yes. Really. :)

1. This thread was about adding a 4th spec to each class - Druid already has 4, therefore discussing adding a 4th spec is not applicable (n/a).

2. The old Cat/Bear Feral was OP AF. A spec that could put out top end DPS #'s while having the same resilience of a tank, come now you know they had to split it into 2 separate specs. The only other alternative would have been to do poor DPS and have poor survival, which I'm sure Druid players would have just loved. ;)

3. I personally really like how the Guardian plays and I like how the Feral plays. I like how Balance plays too. I enjoy each of the specs as they are. I think Blizzard has done a really good job making each of the Druid specs feel and play differently. (I don't heal so, can't comment there.)
11/08/2018 07:01 AMPosted by Xkeyon
Tanking Shamans
I still don't understand why Shamans don't have a tank spec. They're literally a perfect class for it.

As for the topic, I'd love another spec.
I'd kill for a mage healer spec. At the very least the classes that don't have an option for any role but dps should get a new spec option, but I'd like them all to get a new one.

Mage: Chronomancy themed Healing spec (reversing time to undo damage)
Rogue: Dodge based tank spec
Warlock: Demonform based tank spec (bring back the old illidan look-a-like demonform)
11/08/2018 07:07 AMPosted by Barimar
More classes should have a 4th spec, imo.

Some of them could be simple variations like Gladiator for warriors, others could be more unique, like melee for hunters. Set Survival back to ranged, make some dual-wielding beastmaster who enrages with his pet the 4th spec.

I would be on board with making BM melee (maybe even tank), marksman stay put, and turn survival into a field medic type healer. If a 4th spec, maybe some hybrid gunslinger type.

Bandage hots,
Morphine shot from distance (pain surpression style)
Heal thru dps ( i know disc is gonna hate sharing this concept)

hate it if you like, but hunters are like the #1 most popular class (population wise), couldn't hurt to have another healing class.

and honestly the fact that shaman are not a tank at this point means someone is deliberately keeping it off the table... lol

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