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Wyrmrest Accord
Posted around the Jade Forest is the following flier:
The Drunken Hozen in Dawn's Blossom is hosting a social gathering in celebration of Pilgrim's Bounty. Enjoy food, brew, and fellowship with friends and family, this Friday at 6:00 PM

On 11/16/2018 at 6:00 pm server time (8 central, 9 eastern) a social gathering will be held in the tavern at Dawn's Blossom for Horde pandaren roleplayers interested in getting to know other pandaren roleplayers, and roleplay guilds. While this event heavily focuses on Pandaren, anyone who is Horde is welcome to attend! The goal is to relax, have fun, and make some friends!

Is the gathering meant for Horde-loyal Pandaren or Pandaren who happen to be Horde OOC?
The restriction of the event towards Horde pandaren is OOC. ICly neutral Pandaren may attend, but for convenience it would be best that everyone in attendance is OOCly the same faction.

Can I come on an Alliance Pandaren?
If an Alliance Pandaren wants to come, they may, but the event is focused on Horde roleplayers and the primary language spoken OOC will be orcish.

Who can I whisper to get a calendar invitation?
You can whisper Kai, Shutakeshi, or Emeraldstorm.

Who can I whisper to get a raid invitation the night of the event?

Will Cross RP be enabled?
There are no plans to enable Cross RP. If anyone has it and wishes to use it, they can, but the event will not require any add-ons.

Will there be any activities or games?
There may be some drinking games or a party game done, but this is largely dependent on what time permits (for players in North America, at least, it would not take a lot of time for things to start running late). There might be time to run a Mafia/Werewolf/Town of Salem game. In the future we can hopefully organize something that starts earlier in the day with planned activities. For now the focus is to socialize.

Are there any guilds I can expect to see?
The following guilds have been contacted and may possibly attend:
  • <Steelpaw Shaodin> A militaristic pandaren clan held together by the principles of strength, valor and vigilant desire to see their people reach new heights of power.
  • <The Kui Zhang Society> is a close-knit clan of Huojin Pandaren that seek to act as a sanctuary for their displaced kin that don't align with the Horde's current direction under Warchief Sylvanas.
  • <Yingsu Village> is a Pandaria-focused guild that focuses on crime, secrecy, in-character drama, and honor amongst thieves.
Family, friends, food... I'd say it checks out!
Ah, I can never make Friday/Saturday events, but I wish y'all the best! Sounds like a ton of fun ^^
Ah, that is sad to hear, Thunderblitz. If we do this again and it works well we could always go for a Sunday afternoon with a few activities as well!
Hey I thought we elves claimed that spot.
It's our turn to use the spot now!
11/11/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Arnois
Hey I thought we elves claimed that spot.

Fyte me brah.
I'll give this a bumparoo as well.

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