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Please give this some attention so I can make sure Blizzard has visibility.

Blizzard has a huge opportunity to dabble in VR add-on experiences using current assets and IP to reduce buy in costs without unbalancing their games.

Blizzard could release a series of WoW Professions VR content connected to your BNET account and download the character models for use in VR or AR experiences.

This can be sold separately from the game but if you have an active WoW subscription you can actually do some crafting on your real characters in VR/AR.

You can have an account connected mode or a standalone free play mode that isn't connected to one of your characters.

MINI GAMES: Alchemy, Tailoring, Black Smith, Engineering, Leather Working, Cooking, Jewelcrafting, *Enchanting, Inscriptions, *Archaeology

Throw your materials into a cauldron and brew some potions! - Refine cloth and create your bags. - Smack an anvil in the right spots and create your armor and weaponry! - Tinker and construct your marvels of engineering. - Chop up some veggies and make your food! - Refine rough gems and imbue them with magical properties! - and more!

Use your materials and play as your character OR go into freeplay mode and enjoy infinite crafting and additional games like fishing.

NOTE: Fishing or gathering professions cannot be connected to your WoW account

Every time you fail to craft an item Chromie shames you and reverts time to let you try again. This is just an experience to replace the cooldowns for crafting and turn them into 360 VR experiences.

Alternative VR experiences could also be made with less buy in. For example VR viewing mode for Arenas and BG's that you can save from your own games too. View them in VR, pause, fast forward, or rewind. View them in AR on a mobile phone to watch on your table with a phone as your window.

@Community -> Good idea or terribly awful idea? What do you think?
blizzard can't even get the bfa maps to load quickly let alone VR.

I probably would not play it honestly.

beat sabers looks cool though.

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