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Change War Mode toggle locations to include ALL home cities. I have different people that I play with daily or even hourly and they play both sides of War Mode. Porting and flying and hearthing back and forth is becoming monotonous.

Quality of life change for one of the biggest changes in the game IMO.
Warmode further split communities that were already small. Its addition made GS totally empty on Emerald Dream - ( a full population server).No one hangs around to chat or duel, and horde never attack making it a ghost town.

I would rather WM be reverted. Server types wernt a problem, only a small percentage who didnt understand what they signed up for actually had an issue with their server choice...
To OP: I agree - in fact why don't they just call it 'pvp mode' and just eliminate the name warmode. In fact you should get access immediately if you're attacked by horde NPCs in their cities/etc. The only distinctions that warmode has are its weird 'faction main city change' requirements and the benefits it grants a player.

I heard they're 'tweaking warmode benefits' in an upcoming patch. Lets just hope that this means that either the 'bonus experience' is simply removed so that I'm not incentivized to get ganked for an hour by a level ?? (insert class here) in stranglethorn or darkshire before angrily shutting it off forever more at level 30 on an alt. It's not heroic or funny from my end to waste all that time doing something i'd rather just be done with and it highlights one of the points that I do not like in BFA that really doesn't get talked about much. I can live without the warmode talents, but that experience gain loss is painful.
no you would have people cheating.
11/11/2018 04:09 PMPosted by Mykrode
I would rather WM be reverted.


Current model is the answer that we have that only few care much with open-world pvp!

What we're seeing, is what would happen if everyone who don't care about wpvp, leave a pvp Server!

"Out of our server , carebears!"

I heard that a lot. The current system allows it to be done exactly that!
No more "carebears", to disrupt their servers! Everyone is happy!
Agreed. We should be able to turn it on or off in any rest area. It's frustrating to have to run back to SW or Org to push a silly button.
I thought RP and RP-PvP servers should have been merged in shards, but so many people complained that it was going to destroy their communities that they made them separate. It's like death. I never see anyone when playing.
I do not agree. All you would have is people going to the nearest
town, switch it on to gank someone near by. Then run back and
switch it off.

Plus people turning it on in a town or camp that has quests to
turn in. Then off again once they turn them in. yes, you can
do that now. But not as easy.

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