M+ Cache key nerf?

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Anyone else getting this? I did a +11 in time last week and my cache gave me a +9 today. I thought it's supposed to be 1 lower than your best, not 2.
If you deleted a key, I think it drops 2 levels. There's a blue post on that somewhere.
I did a +13 in time last week and it gave me a +9. I deleted keys throughout last week. Is that really the issue?
I did a +10 last week with my guildies. we didn't time it, but they all received +9 keys this week while mine was only a +7.

it was my own key that we used. afterwards, my key dropped to a 9 shrine. I deleted it and ran another 9 dungeon (atal'dazar) and received a 9 shrine key for a second time. I deleted that one as well, ran a 9 freehold and got an 8 seige of boralus from the chest in there, which I didn't run due to time constraints at the end of the week.

does it really have to do with deleting the key? I have deleted keys prior to last week without having a -3 penalty to the highest level I completed the week before.
I deleted tons of keys and mine was still -1 lower than my max completion

This is what I was referring to earlier.

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