Told to F off because of Raider i.o

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So you are a 370 tank, guild leader with AOTC and cant make a group within your guild?

Seems to me that Raider.IO aint the problem.
11/13/2018 05:10 PMPosted by Kalorea
I always ran raids with my guild and so do most raiders. I don't think your comment is being directed at you think it is.
But you're trying to run a pug mythic+, right? Just like people pug heroic(and even mythic) raids. So how come you don't run your mythic+ with your guild? You'd be surprised how many people pug raids, just like they pug mythic+. That's why we have io, to get what we want for our runs, to make them smooth.
11/13/2018 05:04 PMPosted by Kalorea

Raider I.O isn't accurate. It says I haven't done a single timed mythic+ waycrest but I absolutely do remember doing them. More than a couple in fact!

It only captures what blizzard records. Not one of my guild runs is recorded, only the runs i have pugged late in the week because i probably won't get a guild run.

At this point I have given up, i have no interest in a discussion of my just to do a +5 and I am replacing my +7 and +8 gear with raid loot. Am I good enough for a +10? No but I don't apply to those.
11/13/2018 02:01 PMPosted by Lathander
11/13/2018 01:55 PMPosted by Lockedheart

sure they can.

just let us start reporting them with screenshots/video of the action.

but they ratehr protect the bad eggs :|

Who gets to decide what's toxic though? I find people who don't know mechanics for fights to be toxic. Every single one of them has a guide built in to the game's UI. Showing up not knowing them means you are intentionally wasting other people's time.

blizz ofc.

if we could actually show why they are toxic (in pic of video format) and explain why you think they are, then the mods could choose if its valid or not.

also not knowing mechanics is toxic as you should always read up on a fight before doing it. journal was added for a reason after all.
heh sometimes people make me sad with their opinions .
11/13/2018 01:37 PMPosted by Bodywrecker
370 tank, guild leader of an 8/8H AOTC completed in September and I've successfully completed +8 M+ keys within the time-frame (I do them once a week for loot or 4 times for the weekly because M+'s are terrible "content") and apparently i have a raider i.o of 412.

Me: ?
Him: You have a terrible io
Me: You're determining my skill level from an add-on although I am AOTC with multiple heroic kills?
Him: yes, now f off scrub

Please remove this garbage from the game.

I'll be honest and say I use it for when I need to pug for Heroic Uldir just to see an individuals experience in both normal and heroic before deciding to invite the person, but I don't look at their score and tell them to F off.

If I've pretty much completed this patch's content other than Myhthic Uldir, so what in the actual !@#$ do people want for their groups?

sorry you can't come to my son's pool party because you're not Michael Phelps.

Edit: This thread only reinforces evidence the level of toxicity this add-on brings forth and I don't really want to feed trolls by responding.

So the only thing I'll say is that Raider io is not a determining factor of skill and never will. It creates a toxic atmosphere in custom queues that's unhealthy for the game.
It's not about entitlement or expectation. If you don't want an individual in your group, don't be immediately rude to that person with a condescending/belligerent response.

Edit 2:
The person who I'm referring to in the post, I was able to just search him and he actually has a lower i.o than me.
Toxicity is often also hypocrisy.
Look, the guy was rude to you no doubt, there was no call for that.

But serious question to you, who has done AotC.

If you were putting together a Heroic G'huun kill in a pug. Would you take an applicant who has only ever done LFR and whispers you and tells you they are really good at the game despite not having shown it?

Would you take someone that has only ever done Normal G'huun and has no Heroic experience?

Heck, would you even take anyone that doesn't already have AotC?

Because the reality is you put that up on the group finder and you will have a list chock full of players who already have AotC and ilvl 370+ at your disposal to make a team out of.

Are you really going to risk the boss kill on a bunch of people who are untested at that level?

This is the situation that group leaders are finding themselves in with M+.

You may be skilled. has never been about telling skill. is about telling experience.

Literally, that is all it's doing. It's showing an aggregate value based on your best runs across the dungeons. And if you look at more than just the score it'll tell you all kinds of things like every dungeon what is your best run, what + level, what time, did you do it in time or fail, and what were the affixes.

This isn't toxic. The player that was rude to you was toxic. But that's not the fault of That's just someone being a jerk.

Players are going to continue to use whatever tools they have to vet each other and try to make sure the people they don't know in a pug scene but they are considering bringing into their group have a higher chance of making the team successful than make it fail.

At any rate, asking Blizzard to break is asking them to stop publishing leaderboards for M+, because that's all they are tracking. And good luck with that given they *intend* for M+ to be competitive. can go when players earn gear in respect to the difficulty of what it is required.

Titanforging prevents any sort of Skill to iLv comparisons. is a product of Blizzard giving gear to players who don't deserve it. Plain and simple.
11/13/2018 01:37 PMPosted by Bodywrecker
guild leader of an 8/8H AOTC completed in September

Literally has nothing to do with M+.
The chances that you know the dungeon with a 400 IO are next to nothing. Blame Blizzard for making dungeons a memorization game instead of one where you just apply your skill with your class.
Honestly with how toxic this guy is, I wouldn't invite him even if he had a 1k score. Bet he's the kinda guy that wipes once, swears at everyone, and bails.
11/13/2018 01:41 PMPosted by Jamuestus
1600 prot is still worse than 100 io DK.

Rofl no.
11/13/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Kwashiorkor
Just like *you* wouldn't invite anyone without AOTC for heroic uldir, they won't invite you because your io is too low. They want a smooth run. What goes around comes around.


M+ Player: ?
Raider: You have terrible raid experience.
M+ Player: But my +10 Waycrest.
Raider: F off.
11/13/2018 01:42 PMPosted by Aerbota
Maybe your player attitude is a lot worse than your Your turned me off already.

Please tell me what is bad about his personality. I insist, was it that he came to the forums? The he hates IO? Wants it removed?

Seems like OP is mad at a system which determines skill based on speed and is telling us about it so...

11/13/2018 01:45 PMPosted by Metrohaha
Easiest solution is to run your own key instead though.

I know a lot of people us this phrase, so not doing it solely for green text reasons. Yes making your own group is how to solve it for yourself, fantastic. However, having a rating website judge on a single factor makes pugging bad in general. For example, I get a Sethriliss and I dont want to touch it so I have to sign up for others. I am forced with a key so I have to resort to other groups, they can decline me all they want thats fine but decling based off of IO score is what people take issue with.

11/13/2018 01:46 PMPosted by Truckum
Raider IO dungeon score gives a resume of your dungeon experience. Your raiding experience has zero bearing on whether you are good candidate for an m+ key.

Just going to say, a resume of fastest clears is not very telling of how you did individually. You can not tell jack about who did what in the dungeon from IO, only the groups clear time. This leads to people dipping out of groups they do not think will time so it does not appear on their IO. IO can be an indicator of success, but by no means should it be a resume of anything as it bases performance on one metric.

11/13/2018 01:52 PMPosted by Sybianjoy
*walks up to a job interview*
Employer: We're hiring mathematicians

Bodywrecker: I'm fluent in French!

Employer: F OFF!!

Person #1: Need someone for a +10 Waycrest

Person #2: Hello <shows extensive history of timing high Waycrests>

Person #1: Your IO sucks, CY@
Why are you sending a leader "?" in the first place? They declined you for what ever reason. I'd tell you to F off too.
as others have stated, raid experience is a lot different than m+ experience. run your own keys, run your friends key, run your guildies key. when you pug, you guys need to know that you won't be invited 100% of the time. you guys need to stop taking declines personally like you deserve the invite, especially if your io score is low for the key.

was the guy toxic. sure. but it's his/her key and group so he/she can do whatever. there are toxic players in all of wow's content.
That totally happened.
Like the MVP said different types of game modes within the game, if you don't like it, make your own group... Just like raiding :)
While the whole raiderio thing doesn't really effect well hasn't effected me at all because when I do them I do them with friends or guildies. But its terrible seeing all the toxicity surrounded behind it. I know lots of people who have been turned down and they are really good, just because their score is low doesn't mean their bad.

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