Is the Black Temple skip frowned upon?

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I mean, it's been in the game so long now, and DHs have been using it to farm for warglaives for a couple of years.

The most creative use of it I've seen was yesterday when a DH used his swapblaster to get me up the chain and on to the platform, where I then summoned up the rest of the raid, so we could skip Reliquary.

I feel like something that is this widely known and has been in the game this long, players can't be punished for using. Right?
posting about it will draw attention to it.
Was unaware this existed. Neat.
I have never heard it called an exploit, and skipping side bosses is standard for lots of groups. So, good sportsmanship points for asking, and for not wanting to proceed if it's a no-no, but I really believe you are in the clear.
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11/14/2018 05:31 AMPosted by Averax
posting about it will draw attention to it.

I'm well aware of that. I'm partly torn between wanting to keep it a secret due to fear of punishment, and wanting to shout it from all of the rooftops because we came up with this idea of swapblasting a lock up on our own, without knowing if it was possible or not.
All classes can do it so I doubt they care. DHs can simply do it much easier.
This thread made me wonder what the heck you guys were talking about. I found this video explaining it:

And for the record this asmongold guy sounds very likable and decent. I can see why he has viewers he isn't full of himself and rude like some youtubers.
Gonna try this out now on my DH!
The content is over 10 years old, I doubt anyone really cares at this point if you save some time farming glaives. If it was an exploit that allowed you to actually profit then maybe, but this really effects no one
It's not really new and it's been known since at least early Legion, use it myself and have yet to hear of anybody being punished for it since it's not technically a bug or anything that's been exploited merely a path in an old raid accessible through double jumping and gliding.

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