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Dear Blizzard,

the way that you balance your game really worries me because it is extremely unfun for players. You tend to buff and nerf classes by huge marging - 30-40% what's not healthy for the game.

Take a look at Arms Warrior, BM Hunter, Sub Rogue, Resto Druid, Arcane Mage - these specs were top at the beginning of the expansion but they got nerfed so much that we barely see them (Arms in Turbo/WMX and R Druid in specific comps). On the other hand you tend to overbuff classes like Feral and F DK in 7.3. This is not fun for players - I'd say it's frustrating. 1 season you play one comp with friends and next season your spec is completely not viable.

I can understand that for casual player who just does low lvl M+ keys and random bgs this is not the problem because he can reroll but if you are serious PvP player (not a pro that plays 10 hour a day but someone who tries to master his class) it's just painful and tough.

I main elemental shaman and this season my teammates tried to replace me few times for better spec because they were tired of tryharding in 3s. I love elemental shaman and I play it since Cata. I don't want to play any other spec, I don't want to be forced to reroll.

I'd love you to buff and nerf classes by 3-5% but more frequently. Not by 30-40%. This way we will have more specs viable and many more players happy. Believe me devs it doesn't matter how fun and appealing mechanics are if your spec is not competitive. Of course there will be few players like my friend from EU Mgodx who is almost 3k rated as Demo warlock but it costs him hours of tilting, theorycrafting and dodging some comps that he doesn't have chances with.

Your nerfs usually kill specs - like they did with Sub. Sub was broken because of Shuriken trait - more nerfs were not necessary. Arms - it was strong but not because of overall damage and utility - because of "Execute Charge" it got fixed but arms got extra nerfs anyway. BM is just not worth to play after nerfs like MM if there is such powerful Survival. What about Warlocks, Shamans and WW Monks? They are/were somehow viable only due to Broken traits but when you just nerfed them these specs are unwanted. Why didn't you make any 3-5% tuning changes every 1-2 weeks to even them out? This will make your community more happy and satisfied with your work. I can understand that you are busy and WoW is a huge game with a lot of content but such changes will show that you really want your customers satisfied. When they need to wait months for changes it makes them disappointed and they are very likely to unsub (what is probably the biggest reason why players unsubbed in BfA).

Anyway I don't want to be whining guy who sees everything as bad I think you did a great job adding utility back to the game. I have grounding, tremor on my shaman. My friend has Hibernate, Soothe. It's more fun because you can outplay your opponents in arena and what's more you added mechanics in dungeons that require these abilities. It's just awesome. You just need to tune the game a bit more and BfA might be really amazing expansion with great PvP.

I'll end with meme - but don't worry it's not offensive towards you but I find it accurate.

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