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New titles system is really nice. It's definitely better than Legion one.

There is one problem though - a hole between Gladiator and Rank 1 is too big.
Considering that top EU players are almost 3400 rated and Gladiator is 2400 and 50 wins over 2400 rating a typical glad is let's say 2450-2600 rated. He either has choice of giving up on push and playing other character as getting rank 1 is out of his reach or trying further. Keep in mind that there might be more Glads than Duelists this season as everyone who won 50 games over 2400 rating and was out of 0.1% of top players in the ladder will be gladiator.

In my opinion there should be 1-2 more titles between rank 1 and gladiator or gladiator should be moved to 2800 or 2900 and something else should be added between duelist and gladiator. This will motivate players to still compete in the ladder after getting gladiator.

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