H Barth 378 Resto/Ele sham 3/8M LFG

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Hi all. Due to guild calling it quits I'm currently LF a new raid team. I dont care what days but times need to start atleast after 10pm SvT or 7pm +8gmt or later.

Im very comfortable with both ele and resto, drama free and easily fit into any raid team.

I was the healing officer in my previous guild and am able to coordinate cds as required if required.

Have reliable net, mic and pc.
Add Bellski#11465 for chats
Hey mate, Times are slightly different to the times you want but they are pretty close!

<Tested on Animals> is a 3 day a week raiding guild that calls Barthilas its home. We are recruiting all forms of reliable dps to fill up a consistent mythic prog roster.

As a guild we have been punching bosses since march 2017. Previously we were casual but with the release of BfA we have changed our focus to mythic. Currently we have cleared heroic and are sitting at 2/8 mythic.
We don't mind having a laugh on farm bosses, but know that getting serious for prog fights is a must.

Our current roster is:
Mythic prog - Wed/Monday 7:30 - 10:30 SVT
Heroic farm - Sun 7:30 - 10pm SVT

What we are looking for:
* Ability to meet an attendance of 90%
* General raid and mechanic awareness
* Knowledge of fights
* Initiative to research and optimise your toon/s
* Positive attitude with a wicked sense of humour

For more info add one of us:
Applejellie#1334 - GM
Alata#1400 - Officer/Raid Lead
Power#1548 - Recruitment
730 SvT too early for me with my job. The later the start the higher chance I'll be home. By like 9 to 10 SvT I'm nearly always home

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