Tank LFG Mythics and Raiding

Blackhand and Galakrond

  • Times available & time zone:
  • I'm PST but I'm available most nights during the weekdays from 9pm CST to 3am CST and on most weekends any time of day.

  • Server preference:
  • I prefer to stay on Blackhand simply because its historically where I've been since 2007. Before that, I was on Dragonmaw from 2004 to 2007

  • Faction preference:
  • Horde

  • Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
  • Semi-Hardcore
    I dont think I have the time for hardcore anymore but I definitely want to have a consistent raid schedule and to do mythics.

  • Current progression/experience:
  • I was main tank and warrior class officer of a naxx raiding guild back in vanilla. Lead them all the way from the first MC run, through BWL, AQ, and then naxx. Then I went to college, came back for BC and raided with a priest (whos 112 atm), and then quit cause college. Then I spent some time to get my life together and came back at the tail end of legion. I'm currently gearing up through mythics, warfronts, islands and LFR

  • Contact info:
  • Please do feel free to reply to this thread. I will be watching it. You can also send me an in game mail at this character or contact me on my btag at Droydn#1612
Good luck man.. I know there are a couple alliance guilds that do late night/early morning stuff.... but IDK about horde
I am thinking about setting up faded dreams again for weekend raiding. We are a bunch of old farts though so message if you would be interested.

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