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10/11/2018 12:21 PMPosted by Jubearlee
I think I'm happier with the slow gold gain this time around. For the last 2 expansions it's felt that gold was basically on its way out as a usable currency.

I know a lot changes in 12 years but the shock of going from "100g is a lot" to "this mount costs 5 million gold" was almost comical.

The flipside in slowing down the amount of gold entering the world is that the genie is already out of the bottle and this doesn't feel like a "readjustment" so much as "losing money/gold for playing the game".

I really think the people "abusing alts" to make a ton of cash through mission tables is what's to blame here. (But Blizzard sort of created an incentive to roll alts to make free gold daily so they can't really be to blame for just playing the game)
I didn't tell them to put in a stupid mission table in but thanks for the free gold on 4-5 toons.
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10/11/2018 12:36 PMPosted by Zachaios
Pretty sure they compensated the gold flow through the shredder. The mats you get from the stuff you grind up equates to the income you gained through previous expansions, just a little more work through posting the mats on the AH - or using them with a trade skill.

That's not how that works. That gold comes out of somebody else's pocket. If you are getting gold directly from vendoring, WQs, daily quests, Emissaries, Mission tables, etc., that gold is added to the game. By scrapping things and getting gold from other players, you are at most keeping the amount of gold in the economy neutral, assuming you trade directly and don't take a flight path or anything to meet up. More likely you reduce the gold in the economy via an AH fee.

That's not necessarily a bad thing - there is WAY too much gold in the WoW economy right now. It does suck if you didn't have a stockpile of gold from Legion or WoD, though, because BfA doesn't have a lot of reasons to craft things other than consumables.

yay someone else who see's the overarching issue.

bfa doesnt generate gold as rewards for doing activities anymore! Gold is easier to find now by going back and doing mythic hellfire and the ogre raid... in wod. content from 2 expansions ago is more rewarding than content that is current.

Given enough time the bulk of money floating around on the AH will dry up and everyone will suddenly realise, there really is no money to be made in bfa itself
The slower gold gain would have been fine if we didn't have 2 back to back xpacs of mission tables granting ridiculous amounts of gold, especially if you had multiple toons doing them.

For players coming back the in game economy seems so inflated
I joked the other day that Blizz was using player gold balances as a means to adjust WQ gold rewards. Hey someone just dropped 5M gold on a Bronto mount, raise WQ rewards by 23 copper.

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