Where are the weapons?

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sooo, guess I got lucky yesterday...10 minutes into hitting 120 I go to Arathi, kill a rare and get a 340 2h axe. Heck, got a few lfr pieces in one run last night as well.
10/13/2018 11:30 PMPosted by Streag
I have 370 weapons for all my specs. Just gotta go find them

wow, I wish I was streag he's so proficient...maybe someday
10/14/2018 01:08 AMPosted by Kayberz
You complain about all of the methods of attaining a weapon being RNG while trying to rely on the most uncontrollable RNG method of acquiring a weapon, world quests.
But they will often drop the same crappy azurite gear items everyday, or every other day in zandalar, and kul tiras. Wrists, gloves, feet, wrists gloves feet lol. Oh and let us not forget the same crappy azurite chest pieces lol. They could toss some weapons into the mix, instead of them being tied constantly as emissary rewards that maybe have a wep once a month lol. Feel bad for the duel wielder specs in this game currently.
10/13/2018 11:23 PMPosted by Aehl
i am not shelling out 150 000 gold for one either
Is that all? A couple weeks ago I saw someone trying to sell a 300, or 310 item level dagger for 250k lmao. The ah is frickin hilarious.
10/14/2018 12:01 AMPosted by Aehl
The fact is I wont set foot in the fetid cesspool that is pvp, I dont like and never have liked being shoved into mythics, RNG in raids doesnt get me anywhere..we never had an issue with gearing in Legion from outside world content.

An area that has been badl;y neglected in BFA/

We tried raid or die in WOD. It failed. So why are we back to it again?

What did you do for weapons before WoD and Mythics being introduced then?
What did you do for weapons before WoD

We could craft and UPGRADE weapons ourselves. The weapon crystals that could upgrade staves etc....back then we had more abilities as far as crafting was concerned than we do now.


Back in MOP we could also make a weapon and gear specific to our own stats and requirements, no RNG.


We could get weapons off bosses and dungeons a lot more than we do these days..a lot of upgrades dropped off open world content too.

BTW Im not saying anything that hasnt been said in the alpha...............and the beta.................and the PTR..................and the live game...................

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