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I'm going to propose a "token" or upgrade system. The idea is a tweak to how the pvp azerite upgrade tokens work, but would be universal. Paragraph below is a description, rest of the post is a justification.

Tokens are for upgrading gear, and would be available through a weekly quest that lets you complete any relevant group content (PvP/Dungeon/raiding) to complete. The tokens rewarded from the quest can be applied to gear which has something like 3x +5ilvl upgrade slots, applying a third token just unlocks a tertiary stat specific to that piece of gear. Tokens are applied to gear at a upgrading area (maybe similar to the order hall weapon alter) to help the player feel engaged with it. Tokens are non-refundable after use so that your choice has weight. Make tokens expire after on the weekly reset so that players can't stockpile them for when they get their BIS and are then just "done" with the gearing process. Provide somewhere around 3-6 tokens per week to allow for upgrading both the MS and the OS in a reasonable amount of time.

This offers the same upgrade potential as titanforging, limits it to the equivalent of the next base ilvl for the next difficulty tier. It also time-gates it to protect the player from burning themselves yourself out. This system lets you specifically choose the gear to upgrade. It allows gear progression to continue if you stagnate on difficulty help the player complete the next content level so even though you may not be progressing in difficulty you're not shut off from progressing your character's ilvl.

Alt catch-up would be a bit more difficult to manage, but considering it would take over 3 months (12 weeks assuming they have the highest base ilvl of every piece) to completely upgrade a gear set there wouldn't be an expectation to completely upgrade it as it would be impossible. What would end up happening is players would default to a priority system of upgrading the specific pieces that offer the most of their chosen secondary stats.
100% agree. Current RNGness in gearing is not fun at all and frustrating. I'm farming every emissary, uldir HC and M+ to hope for Lava Shock trait with higher ilvl than 340 but no success. No PvP azerite pieces contain this trait that is a must for ele.

If such tokens would be available I'd upgrade my current pieces and didn't feel any disadvantage to others specs that have multiple good traits or players who had more luck. RNG is killing our fun by a lot.

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